Sunday, February 3, 2013

Have you taken the Better way recently?

Took the subway downtown recently to an event at the Metro Convention Center.  Subway stations were as I remembered them.  The crowds at 7 PM on a week night were not.  Rush hours now seem to start earlier and end later.   Transit relief lines are needed.   Subways need to be extended in all directions into the 905.  That include Peel, Durham, and North to  Markham.

Are you convinced that new revenues are required?
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After you have completed the survey [ I didn't see SELECT subways ]   the conclusion asks are you willing to pay more??

Living in Toronto

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It would appear to me that instead of taking action going forward on the decades of studies we already have;  there will be more public input on what we want.  What we want is less waste and lower taxes that are efficiently spent. 

I read thru and the conclusion asks very specifically are you now convinced that we need to pay more to fund our transit systems?  Are we ready to PAY more in Tolls and Taxes?

Our climate suggests that as roads get clogged with ice, snow, deliveries, double parkers, more condo buildings, fewer parking lots, more jobs in the city that we take a serious look at building underground. Real Estate sales Growth, net migration to Toronto for education, jobs, safe haven and family will push us to 6.0 Million inhabitants in the GTA in my lifetime.

Metrolinx is proposing a regional Transit Authority to move people better in the amalgamated GTA. Maybe its time has come.   I [taxpayers] have no more money for cost over runs and additional YEARS of construction delays and traffic frustration is costing business BILLIONS!

What are your thoughts?

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