Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Larry the Landlord Bedbugs will Bite

Larry was horrified to find that even though his tenants readily admitted that they infested the apartment unit with bedbugs  It was his responsibility to eradicate the problem.

In a recent issue of the London Free Press, Denise Lash was interviewed as part of a special feature on Bed Bugs in condominium units and who’s responsible for their eradication, entitled “Responsibility to take steps to eradicate the nasty bug goes to the landlord”. Denise discusses how condominium corporations should notify their owners and ensure those owners retain a specialist bed bug eradication company if required.
 “if there are bedbugs in a condominium building, it is advisable for the corporation to inform the owners that there are bedbugs in the building (without stating which unit has the bedbugs due to privacy concerns). Residents should be told to inspect their units, and if found a specialist bedbug eradication company should be contacted”.
 You can read the full article on the London Free Press’s website here.  

It is not only the Individual Landlord but a Condominium Building could very well have the same obligations.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Marketing Plan for your Etobicoke Home

The marketing of your home is a vital part of the process. The preparation of a full Marketing Plan ensures that your property receives maximum exposure. Included in the Marketing Plan are the following:

¨  Install a “For Sale” sign on the front of your property
¨  Provide a lockbox
¨  Prepare and process all data forms
¨  Have colour feature sheets prepared to highlight the unique qualities of your property
¨  Create “BUZZ” for your property by networking with other agents as soon as the property is listed - agent open house held in the first week of listing your property
¨  Send targeted emails to agents, past clients and potential buyers to generate interest about your property
¨  Hold public neighbourhood open house to generate public interest
¨  Feature your home on the Homes West Toronto website  www.DavidPylyp.com
¨  Feature your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) www.REALTOR.ca
¨  Feature your property on the RE/MAX website (www.remax.ca)

Especially for your home, I will do the following:

¨  Post and Syndicate Blogs about your property
¨  Take Digital Pictures for Loading to Toronto Real Estate Board
¨  Shoot additional property digital pictures for Slideshow upload
¨  Shoot Virtual Tour – Process, Render and upload to Video Sites
¨  Generate the QR code for your property
¨  Circulate your advertisement to online real estate sites
¨  Provide MLS data sheet with monthly payment, closing cost and financing calculators; income to qualify
¨  Initiate email follow up of agent prospect showings
¨  Maintain weekly reporting by email of marketing activities
¨  Report on local real estate competition changes
¨  Follow your lawful instructions
¨  The most critical stage  in your real estate transaction, the offer and its accompanying negotiations, I will personally represent you at the offer table and do my utmost to obtain the best possible price and terms for you by using my 24+ years of negotiating experience to your advantage.
¨  Ensure that the deposit accompanying your offer is certified and/or deposited into our Real Estate Trust Account within two banking days and help your lawyer where needed to expedite the sale.
¨  Assist where possible to ensure the timely completion of all conditions contained in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
¨  Ensure your Lawyer, Banker, Appraiser, Insurance Broker have necessary documents.
¨  PDF all documents for record keeping.

We do have an option of different commission programs for you to select the most appropriate plan.
The entire package is available for you to examine, from the comfort of your own home, by 
calling  647 218 2414 or email david@davidpylyp.com

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1910 Lake Shore Blvd., West Suite 606 Toronto Waterfront Condos

575 Sq Ft One Bedroom Unit in desirable Park Lake Residences at Lakeshore & Ellis; Walk across the street to your own lake access,

Direct Express Bus available for Downtown, TTC Streetcar On Queensway, Bus To Keele Subway, Only 12 Minutes To Bay St. 6th Floor Suite With Panoramic View Of Toronto Skyline From Your Living Room. Upgraded Stainless Steel Appliances with thick Granite counter top, Overlooks Terrace + Lake From Open Air Balcony.

Card Room/Party Room/Exercise Room/On 5th Floor. 20% Good Reserve on track, with Performance Audits in process.  Storage Locker, Fridge with ice and Water dispenser, Stove, Washer, Dryer, B/I Microwave, Dishwasher, Blinds, Upgraded

Electric light fixtures, All Hardwood flooring, Marble in foyer and bathroom, Ceramic Tile, Glass Shower doors and Marble Counters in Ensuite.  Your own laundry with upgraded washer and dryer in hallway closet (ensuite Laundry)

Strong, well run, low rise building with only 20 floors per tower (278 suites) [First four floors are above grade parking garage] Fifth floor is open air terrace, Card/ meeting/ games rooms plus exercise and Yoga.  Open Air Terrace faces Lake Shore at the Ellis Ave playground.  Additional Pictures are available here. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/109283965469179719942/albums/5803035745697714497

For your own private inspection call 647 218 2414

David Pylyp
October 24th, 2012

You already have the house.... But no Money

David Pylyp youtube Options
Want More Options?


We can provide solutions to your money problems. Some of the issues we have dealt with are:

There are many reasons why we need mortgage or credit assistance; so don't hesitate, give us a call 416-410-1150  or send me an email.

Veronica Thompson, a Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Accumetrix (License #12036)

David Pylyp
Etobicoke Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,
905 233 9000 or direct at 647 218 2414

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rental application contains do you smoke?

Photo Cred CHFI
Larry the Landlord Renting to Smokers?

No matter your opinion on the No Smoking Bans in public places; Landlords in Toronto are also faced with the reality that after renting to Smokers the condo unit or townhouse will be less desirable to subsequent tenants.

Landlords will very often need to repaint, rebroadloom and may very well need to replace fabric draperies.


The Landlord Tenant Boards decision interprets the "wear and tear" that 20 years ago would have been Normal to now be Tenant Damage.

You can and will be held liable for repairs.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lack of Legal Expenses Means... Condo Board

Condominium Board Responsibilities - The concept of LOW or non existent legal fees on financial statements is not in itself a sign of a peaceful or  "CONTENT" building.

Legal actions no matter how frivolous or without merit when residents organize to Requisition Meetings require a response and legal representation.  The Corporation simply must defend.

Actions directly against the condominium corporation are controlled by Legal Counsel and the Insurance Companies that are footing the bill.  Condo Corporations have lawsuit insurance to defend the building as well as Ontario Human Right Complaints.

One poster recently remarked that a LACK OF LEGAL EXPENDITURES [on the financial statement] indicated a harmonious building;  Legal Costs are not in way related to Special Assessments or Long Terms Repairs and Updates required from the Reserve Fund.

The lack of spending on legal matters could also mean that your condominium Board has NOT undertaken the current legislative updates;

  • Standard Unit Description - What are my standards to repair.
  • Harassment in the Workplace - Yes your condo is actually an employer.
  • Ontario Human Rights Tribunals - 

When you receive your Condominium By- Laws and Declarations you also receive a Financial Statement:  The picture, a snap shot of the corporations current financial position.  These Statement are Audited. They will provide for you some insights to the long term financial commitments that the Board is undertaking.   If your parking garage ( for 200 + cars ) needs repaving, it is a major undertaking, as would be windows or balcony repairs.

More importantly you should be asking if your [proposed] building has released the Tarion Warranty from any claims.  There are then no major structural deficiencies that will require attention.

While your unit maybe $300 - $500 thousand to buy,  the structure itself often closer to $100 Million in its entirety.

Use informed people to help you make a selection based on long term Financially Sound principals.

What do you think?

Add your comments here....  

Condo Special Assessments - Toronto

Condo Special Assessments and Increases in Reserve Fund Contributions: Tough Decisions 

Does your condo have enough cash stashed in its reserve fund? An inadequate reserve fund could have devastating financial consequences to condo owners.
The Condominium Act, 1998 requires all condos to establish and maintain a reserve fund to cover the cost of major repairs and replacement of common elements. In addition, condos must conduct reserve fund studies, designed to assess whether the reserve fund is sufficient to cover the expected repair and replacement costs. The reserve fund is funded from the monthly maintenance fees paid by owners.

As a prospective purchaser, low maintenance fees mean greater affordability; as an owner, more disposable income; and as a board member, a happier community and greater popularity. All of these seem great, right?


Much like a politician promising not to increase taxes, board members’ reluctance to adequately fund the reserve fund and to increase reserve fund contributions when necessary is often short-sighted and can be a key factor in a condo-owner’s worst nightmare: a special assessment. 
When the reserve fund is inadequate it is tempting for the board to undertake “band-aid” repairs because they appear cheaper. But these repairs are far more expensive in the long-term, as they only delay the inevitable and add unnecessary costs. Ultimately the Corporation will have paid for the band-aid repairs, the major repairs that were needed in the first place and additional repairs for damage that could have been avoided if the major repairs were completed first!

I joined the board at my current condo in February. At the time, the board was composed of a relatively new slate of directors. We soon discovered that the condo would require extensive repairs of some “big ticket” items, the most pressing of which was the replacement of windows. The previous board had undertaken a number of over-budget projects just over one year prior, which depleted part of the reserve fund. As a result the building’s lobby looks great but there was not enough money in the reserve fund for the extensive repairs that were now needed.
Needless to say, the condo was about to face a serious financial problem as the leaky windows needed to be replaced sooner rather than later. After extensive deliberations, the board decided to levy a special assessment in June, which amounted to an average of $12,000 per unit. Some owners simply cannot afford this unexpected cost and unfortunately must either scramble for financing or sell. This situation may have been avoidable if the reserve fund contributions had been sufficiently increased in the past.
Increased reserve fund contributions are frequently opposed by owners and board members for several reasons:
§ A general lack of understanding of why the reserve fund is needed.
§ Owners not wanting to contribute to repairs that may only occur years down the road and will benefit future owners.
§ A desire to keep common expenses low.
Many owners believe that contributing today is somehow costing them more money. Owners need to understand the importance of reserve fund planning and the benefits of doing so. What the fund does is to allow the corporation to spread out the expenses for major repairs and replacement over a longer period of time.
A lack of understanding can be addressed through communication from the board. Here is what the owners need to know:
§ The Condominium Act, 1998 requires that a reserve fund study be done and that the plan for funding be established in accordance with the study. There is no choice!
§ The work will need to be done at some point in time and the money will have to be spent. It is now or later and if later, probably more.
§ The reserve fund distributes the contributions of the old and the new owners. Major items deteriorate over time. Although a roof will be replaced when it is 20 to 25 years old, every owner who had the benefit of living under it should share in its replacement cost.
§ If you don’t start contributing now, a large special assessment will be the result, and it may occur at a time when those funds may not be available.
§ A well-maintained building and a healthy reserve fund are sure to improve the marketability of your condo! Prospective purchasers may walk away from a deal if they discover that the reserve fund is inadequate and that once they move in they may be hit with a special assessment for a major repair.
If the board communicates with the owners before approving any increase in the maintenance fees, that will hopefully lessen the pain when the increase actually occurs.

How is your condo Board behaving?   Is there a popularity contest or do you hate the Board of Directors for enforcing Rules and Regulations and budgets?

Have your say...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Private Sale - Etobicoke Real Estate

Pre- recession in the 90's the Big For Sale by Owner [FSBO] concept was Peartree.  Now we have Comfree and Property Guys. They give you a sign, some frames for your open house placards, some general instructions and you are on your own!  They post your ad on their website. Some add your listing to the MLS System.

The traffic and inquiries seem perfect?  But where are the offers?  Who helps the Buyers to move forward and create some urgency and focus?

Now what?   This video really gives a few life examples.

Yes, everyone would like everything to cost less. Etobicoke Real Estate is about knowing the community, giving context to all the available data, having insights about values and helping you decide the very best course of action for your family.

I am very prepared to negotiate for my commission, but remember, If I cannot negotiate my fee, how can I handle your equity?  The David Pylyp Group has 3 pricing structures to help you decide what level of service you need. http://youtu.be/9CK_T-drfrE You tell me.

Call me today!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How will Condo Investors enforce No Smoking Ban?

You know its coming....

The zeal for a NON smoking society.  What was a common and accepted event is now banned at work, restaurants, building entrances, outdoor patios and even soccer fields.   Now with new legislation they are proposing banning smoking in all condominium units and duplexes,  anything that shares a wall.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Oct 15 (Reuters) - A San Francisco suburb on Monday banned smoking in duplexes, condominiums and other multi-family homes, with city leaders saying they hoped to lead a wave of such regulations across California and ultimately the country.
The City Council in San Rafael, a community of 57,000 people about 15 miles (24 km) north of San Francisco, voted unanimously for the ban, following a handful of other California municipalities that have outlawed smoking in buildings with as few as two units.
"We are happy to blaze a trail," Mayor Gary Phillips said before the vote. "We're most happy to be in the forefront of the issue because we think it will greatly benefit our residents and those visiting San Rafael, and we think it will set the tone for other cities as well."
Tobacco-control experts predicted that the tough smoking ordinance in San Rafael could touch off a larger movement in other states and cities.
"The San Rafael ban is a very significant event because it will spread," said Robert Proctor, a Stanford University history of science professor. "We're on the downslope of a big curve. Smoking peaked in 1981 with 630 billion cigarettes sold in the United States. Now it's down to 350 billion. And that number will keep on going down until smoking is a distant memory."
San Rafael is the state's ninth municipality to completely restrict smoking in multi-unit housing, said Pam Granger, advocacy manager for the American Lung Association in California. Granger said California was the only state where local jurisdictions have banned smoking in homes.
The ordinance has generally been supported by residents who have spoken at city council meetings, although two smokers came out to oppose the ban on Monday evening.
"This proposed smoking ban actually intends to punish people for what they do in their own homes," Thomas Ruppenthal told the council. "I really feel this is tyranny."
The ordinance also would prohibit smoking on San Rafael's downtown streets - the backdrop for parts of the 1973 film "American Graffiti."
California municipalities have used the report to prohibit smoking in apartments and other multi-family homes. In some cases, the laws apply only to new construction or to just a percentage of a housing complex's units.
But the restrictions have become increasingly strict, and San Rafael's ordinance applies to all homes, new or existing and rented or owned, with shared walls. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/16/san-rafael-smoking-ban_n_1968990.html

All new or existing condominium units or residences with a shared wall, [takes in Townhouses and Semis] Knowing that we are approximately 6 months to a year behind the trends in California, How long will it be that we hear about this legislation in Toronto, Ontario?

Will Toronto Landlords be performing "sniff" testing on prospect tenants?
Will Condo buildings go SMOKE FREE?
Is a Smoker's Condo Evaluated at Less than market?  How much?

Have you say.... 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Condominium Act Reforms Ontario 2012

The Etobicoke Condo Market has exploded with seemingly a crane on each major intersection. Buyers purchase, Banks Finance and people carry on with their lives. Once you buy into the condo, you park your car, use the gym and pool, cross the hallway and lock the door.  You are part owner in an often multi million dollar building and need to understand whats happening to the repair maintenance and upkeep of your home.

The Condominium Act does need to be standardized, each building has different Declarations, Rules and Regulations.  Condo Boards acting in good faith enforce the Rules they have been handed only to be struck down in Superior Court because of legalese or crafty wording.

Condo Boards need to be responsible for their decisions and obedient to the LAW. This is especially painful when Boards waiver to "SAVE" and not start the path of 20% contribution to their Reserve Fund and find themselves short of money in year 8 or 10 for a major repair by permitting lower maintenance fees.

Ontario is taking steps to modernize the Condominium Act, 1998, so it reflects the current and future needs of owners, residents and other stakeholders in the condominium community.
In an effort to respond to a booming and evolving industry, Ontario will launch a public consultation to identify a comprehensive set of issues, and long-term solutions relating to matters such as:
  • consumer protection for buyers
  • condominium finances and reserve fund management
  • condominium board governance
  • expertise/accreditation of condominium managers
  • dispute resolution, for instance between condo boards and owners
The review will directly engage the entire condominium community, including owners, residents, developers and property managers.  Members of the condominium community will have the opportunity to speak about their issues, hear the concerns of others and work together to develop solutions.  Details of the public engagement process and information about how to participate will be announced this summer.
Strengthening the Condominium Act is part of the McGuinty government's plan to ensure a fair marketplace for Ontario families.


  • Over one million people live in condominiums in Ontario.
  • There are about 525,000 condominium units in Ontario.
  • Toronto had the fastest growing high-rise condo market in North America in 2011.
  • About 50% of new home sales in Ontario are condominiums; 60% of homes sold in the GTA.


Should things be left alone?
Should Condo Buildings be Regulated?

Have your say....

Add your comments.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mississauga Toys with Land Transfer Tax

I though Mississauga had money and Plenty of Reserves...

Mayor Hazel McCallion has introduced a Land Transfer Tax and Mississauga Councillors have slapped it down.  The tax that would have gone a long way to curtail looming budget crisis ... which, if you take the Toronto road, could lead to a decrease in home sales with the public opting for renovations instead of selling.  It would also create the double whammy of a provincial and city land tax.

CD HOWE reports on Land Transfer Tax Impact 

Ontario municipalities looking to enhance their bottom lines through changes to the Municipal Act on regulations such as a 'Land Transfer Tax' is not new and along with OREA and TREB political actions will continue to be fought.  Please know that MREB on your behalf is mounting a campaign against Mississauga's move ... and in due course we will be asking for your support.  We will keep you posted as the plan takes shape.  

For further information read the following articles:

Report: Mississauga Budget Committee Agenda/Report

How well managed is your community?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Real Estate Sales drop because of Land Transfer Tax

In a never ending effort to seem MORE INFORMED we are offered this headline 

Real estate sales down 16% because of land transfer tax:National PostToronto The land transfer tax, while lucrative, drove down real estate sales in Toronto by 16% over the past seven years, according to a recent C.D. Howe Institute report. By raising the cost of buying a home, the tax caused many Torontonians to ...

Is the EXTRA Toronto Land Transfer Tax duplication  alone to blame?   What about the tightening mortgage qualification terms and shortened amortizations?   Adding the CMHC premiums to your mortgage PLUS the Provincial Sales Tax on that fee.  Is it the Market Value Assessment that in 2 years makes your municipal tax payment 1% of your property value?  What about double digit increases in Hydro Rates for condo buildings and then adding HST to all the services including reserve funds?  Or maybe its the endless drum of the media that the end is nigh....

Every level of government and media is trying to kill the Golden goose. [real estate market]

As construction and manufacturing are related to sales and the LOT Levy is related to Government coffers and General Revenues...   Should we be better stewards?

What do you think?   Add your comments

Monday, October 8, 2012

NOT purchasing with David Pylyp?

YOU probably will paid too much

When you are buying a house in Etobicoke, Markland Wood, The Kingsway or Michael Power Place, You need to know all the details about the neighbourhood and find someone who has seen all the houses for the last few years that have become available and sold.

How can two homes on the same street have such different values. Land, direction, sunlight and trees all take part in deciding values in a mature and highly sought neighbourhoods. Are the trees so large they block out all the sunlight?

David Pylyp inspects each home that comes available in the Etobicoke Real Estate Market that may be suitable to his Clients. Those fortunate enough, to have placed their trust in the sound guidance and soft spoken nature of David Pylyp and his team to help find their next dream home.


By demonstrating Superior neighbourhood knowledge and dedication to his clients;

I would encourage you to call David Pylyp today.

416 233 9000    

RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,

647 218 2414    

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Etobicoke Real Estate Agent

Toronto - Etobicoke Agent: What you Must know before you Sell. Having sold over $8 Million in Real Estate in 2011, I know how to get your home SOLD! My average market time is 37 days. I have an aggressive youtube video marketing strategy that WORKS which means I don't just list houses, I sell them. In all my years of selling, I've never "given away" a house. I know how to price a home at market value, to sell quickly. 

When you are ready, I would love to sell your home. Professional and Persistent in Getting things done; Are you Buying or Selling  How can I help you today? 

Whether you want Markland Wood, the Kingsway, Bloor West Village, Etobicoke or the entire west Toronto area. Work with full time professional who will fulfill your must haves in your next property purchase. Don't pay extra just for glam and decor. The pillow fluffing moves out before you move in...

 Thank you to the crew at Jugnoo who provided a valuable lesson and inspiration for this video.




Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is there an APP for that? Problem Solving

Is there an APP for that?   Instant Problem Analysis and Solution Implementation.

So many want an instant answer.   Just plug in the variables and out POPs your solution.

It would be perfect if it worked that way.

But the solutions and variables require skill and experience, understanding the dynamic, implementation,  they need your energy. After all,  It is your life.

  • Will you procrastinate? 
  • How will you handle negotiating with others?
  • Does your personality let you move forward quickly?
  • How strong are your problem solving skills?

Financial Analysis has exactly the same restraints.

  • How is this investment risky for you, but not for someone else...
  • Does this have Tax implications?
  • How will your ability to borrow and available credit lines be impacted?
  • What is the MOST important criteria in your selection?
  • What is the Absolute MUST have?

The insights I provide are from two decades of working with families to solve their housing needs. Not every solution is for everyone.  Now, as we look towards retiring in place; we need more creative solutions and up to date information from Government Programs, Tax Credits and Home Care Assessments.  I'm here to propose solutions.

It would seem that retirement is not cheapER.

I welcome your thoughts and insights.

David Pylyp

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Condo Flipping and Revenue Canada

I did not declare it was rented.  We flipped that unit No one will know.
Condominium Flips and CRA
Peter Clark  partner with Heenan Blaikie’s Taxation Law Practice Group. In his post, Peter discusses the potential tax implications of condominium flips.
 The Problem: We have heard that CRA is undertaking an “audit project” that is targeted at condominium flips. CRA is particularly interested in situations where the initial purchaser of the unit sells the unit without ever moving in or perhaps moves in for a short period of time and then sells the unit.  In either case, CRA will likely argue that the unit did not qualify as a “capital property” or as the purchaser’s “principal residence”.  If CRA is successful in denying capital treatment or principal residence treatment, then 100% of the flip profit is subject to tax as ordinary income.  CRA can also impose penalties and arrears interest if you profited from the transaction and did not report it on your tax return.
Quick flips can also create HST problems. You can lose the HST new housing rebate that you may otherwise have been entitled to.
Damage Control: Taxpayers who realized taxable income on an unreported condominium flip may be able to make a voluntary disclosure to CRA.  This will avoid penalties, but not tax and arrears interest. 
 Around our office recently a number of agents were discussing  University Students being audited on their TAX Credit claims.  One of the audit questions was who received the rent claimed.  Simply Put who was the Landlord?

This creates a number of separate issues;   Builder / Developers are providing purchaser lists when requested to CRA as they are claiming back HST.  It is not difficult in an era of electronic filing to look up the original contract name then cross reference the final purchaser.  ( Each Flip is responsible for LTT).

What is the lesson here?