Wednesday, January 30, 2013


What is it?

So buying a place that is at the City Center is logically more expensive.  The trend to live downtown within the City Core or at the edge of transit (suburbs) is desirable. 

Having the place on the beach  YUP   I get that.

The question I'm asking is simple...

Is Toronto a Growth City that is continuing to expand or are we into a retraction?  A wise gentleman Barry Lebow recently said; 
Here is a simple fact that escapes these writers, the journalists who live with their noses against the windows of life, looking in and being envious of that which they do not personally have - no matter how bad the economy, no matter how high the prices, no matter how outrageous the interest rates, houses will be sold! Period. The "why" escapes them and that is the yearning for a place of one's own, the yearning to have equity, to own versus rent and one of the major factors, our immigration. What is denied most citizens of the world? Rights, human rights and one of those is the right to own land, to own a home. The burning desire to own will outweigh the logic of all economists, journalists or others who analyze real estate like it is actually a rational market. Buying real estate is not rational, it is emotional. So let the gloom and doomers have their say, the public reaction to the market is still the only true barometer of where the market is going. 

The Canadian Business Magazine has a different perspective;

How Low will Prices Go? Investors are potentially more likely to sell when prices decline, which could ultimately flood the condo market with resale listings. With 240,000 more planned condo units yet to be built in the Toronto area, many are worried about a burgeoning supply-demand imbalance. Already, investors are backing away from the Toronto condo market

All those with strong disposable incomes who want that LARGE Modern Bungalow [into their retirement] cannot find [IT] in the City MUST move themselves to the suburbs and outlying communities.  In the last few years I have seen bungalow demand continue to increase and wheel chair accessibility become more common questions. People want large condo units in the city but maintenance and taxes are prohibitive, In addition to the price per square foot.

Propinquity exists because the house is beside or near something you want or need. 

What do you think?
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Can we go shopping?

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