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Real Estate is Here BUT Buyers are Everywhere

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My wish for 2013

Here's hoping you and your family had a very safe Christmas and Holiday time!

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year in 2013!!!

Let's get together for a coffee and you can tell me about your goals and needs for Next Year.

How can I help you get there?

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Condo Amenities Do you want?

Expenses as% of Operating Budget.
26%  Utilities
25% Contribution to Reserve
20% Building Maintenance
10 - 17% Security Concierge
6% Management Fee
1% Legal Professional Fees

You control the balance as discretionary spending for improvements
Monthly maintenance fees are split in two: one part goes towards the reserve fund, and the other towards the building’s expenses. These fees range from around 50 to 90 cents per square foot, depending on how much it costs to run the building. If your condominium has excessive amenities, you’re paying for them, whether you use them or not.
The most common and probably the most-used features are the gym, rooftop terrace, and party room. As a condo owner, investor, and realtor, I see value in all three, but anything else is unnecessary. Have a look at the following amenities and make up your own mind.
Pool; you want to swim laps in an Olympic-sized pool, or hang out on the deck on a hot July day? The worth of a pool depends on whether it’s buried in the basement with no windows, like at Wellington St., or in open air with the sun beating down and a fantastic view.

Buildings like Cresford's NXT along the Queensway at Windermere will soon be adding a second Tower to the current amenities. There is a Theater Room but is it used as a community movie Thursdays or simply as something you rent for a birthday party?   The usual GYM exercise area exists facing - looking at the pool and patio.  The on site day care center has a tremendous value.

The outdoor patio and lounge chairs are exquisite and enjoyed all summer long, beside the pool, sheltered from the wind with only the sunshine!   Perfect!  During the Winter there is a smaller indoor lap pool.

Roof Top Disco's have been done before.   The Palace Place and Palace Pier ( at the foot of the Humber River) have captive restaurants and the Sky Club.   Years ago these were active hotspots for the residents.  Now they are under utilized.   The focus and population has changed.

What building features do you feel are the must haves?

Smarter Mortgage Choices

Let's make smartER Mortgage Decisions

When you bought your home, you thought you were staying a while.  Either you continue with your mortgage to term and renew or you may need more options.

Breaking your mortgage prior to the renewal or renegotiating may involve penalties.  You may have an opportunity to benefit from the new lower rates by renewing now; even with a penalty.

We can Deal with a Renewal or Refinance

If your mortgage is with a Canadian Bank that is federally regulated by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.(FCAC)  The Bank needs to provide you with a minimum of 3 weeks notice of the Offer to Renew and under what terms and conditions.

You knew this was coming and you should have been shopping around. But there is more here than just the interest rates.  Each Statement, each question posed to the LENDER resulted in additional costs. Now there are discharge fees in addition to Re Registration with another lender; so you need to factually examine your options. Get involved because your mortgage is a major component of your monthly household budget.

Allowing your mortgage to renew automatically does not mean you are getting the best possible terms and conditions.

Switching to a New Lender will require re-document and re- registration. You are in effect applying for a new mortgage and the NEW Mortgage Rules will apply.  Verify exactly what those costs will be.  Your new lender may absorb some of those costs to attract your business. IE Legals, Appraisals, Registration Fees...   Negotiate!

Use an Independent Mortgage Broker that will shop the open market for you to secure the best interest rate and terms for you.  Compare the Mortgage Brokers Offer with the renewal from the Bank. This may be your opportunity to include some higher interest rate debt to lower your monthly payments. 

Your Mortgage Broker can help you understand and read your mortgage documents.  If you have a closed mortgage, you bank may or may not allow you to break the mortgage.  If you are permitted to break the mortgage you will be paying some fees and possibly penalties.

They will tell you if:

  • you need to pay a penalty and what that amount is
  • you need to pay an administration fee
  • you need to pay legal or disbursement fees to discharge the old mortgage
  • you need to pay legal or disbursement fees to register the new mortgage
  • you MUST repay some or all of any “cash back” you may have received when you first obtained the mortgage
  • the calculation of any prepayment penalty would be based on the posted rate at the time you signed your mortgage agreement, or on a discounted rate if you negotiated one for your initial mortgage.

A Mortgage Penalty can be reduced if you make a permitted PREPAYMENT prior to renegotiating.  This would appear counter productive if you are adding in credit card debt or other bills. 

You could renegotiate PRIOR to the Renewal with a Blend and Extend option which simply put will mathematically average the mortgage balance and interest rates. This may be worthwhile if you have a higher interest rate mortgage to combine with Today's low rates.

If you blend and renew at a lower interest rate your payment stays the same; so even with a potential penalty added in to the mortgage balance you may effectively pay it off sooner because of the interest rate savings.

The Decision is yours. A mortgage is often one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make, so it is worthwhile to do your homework, include knowledgeable and experienced people to help you when you are mortgage shopping, compare the entire package offered by each lender. In seeking the lowest interest rates, consider the features (such as ability to make prepayments or to increase your regular payments) and the services that are important to you and addition fees that may apply.

How can I help you today?

Veronica Thompson, a Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Accumetrix (License #12036)

David Pylyp
Etobicoke Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,
416 233 9000 or direct at 647 218 2414      

Saturday, December 15, 2012

NXT Toronto

NXT on the Queensway

The Twin Tower design with stunning two story glass foyers, elegant front double glass door entryway.   The front gardens have been planted and will be an added attraction for years to come.  

Maintenance fees will continue to be lower than average with a building that has 30 plus floors and 18 Suites per level.
Elevators have been problematic.

Contact Front Desk Security at NXT on the Queensway  416 761 9962

Contact Management Office NXT  416 255 6520

Windermere Early Learning Center at NXT  416 763 2734

The on site Day Care Center is a not for profit business, under the auspice of the Child Development Institute, that has installed itself with a waiting population of small people ready to attend. The Waiting List is ordered with preference given to Residents of the 103 and 105 The Queensway.  Current population is near 60 children. This Child Care center is a fully licensed and inspected facility that accepts infants, toddlers and 30 to 60 month old students. Costs at this not for profit are $76, $72 and $56.75 per day. (Youngest to oldest)

The Windermere Early Learning Center currently has spaces available in the 30 to 60 month programs.  The Infant and Toddler programs go quickly, with some waiting months for placement. 

With Warmer weather outdoor excursions are possible to the playgrounds, waterworks and splashpads at Windermere and Lake shore.

The NXT 2 is almost ready for Occupancy with the lower floors populating shortly.   It is a slightly taller structure at 35 floors averaging 15 suites per floor from the 33rd to 35th, and 16 suites per floor on levels 3 to 32.

Both Towers will share the elegant double story glass foyer, indoor and out pools plus lounge patios in a sun filled, wind buffered private area.   Main floor Gym is well equipped.   Movie nights at NXT might just catch on.

If you would like to be here ...  Call me.  416 233 9000
Floor Plans are available

Lets start by making a plan for where you want to be. Call me at 647 218 2414

Selling your Suite at NXT by Cresford?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trying Some Christmas Spirit

Park Lake Residences adds some Christmas Spirit.

New addition along Lake Shore at Windermere, Park Lake Residences brings a little sparkle to the last decorated trees prior to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW highway) Hopefully as the trees fill out (as will our budgets) incremental improvements can be made each year.

Contact Management Office Park Lake Residences   647 352 1900
Contact 1900 Lake Shore Boulevard west Concierge 647 346 1900
Contact 1910 Lake Shore Boulevard west Concierge 647 352 1910

The twin tower design contains a 14 storey structure on top of the four levels of above grade parking. In total 278 suites facing High Park and Lake Ontario are divided into two towers (minus the units that face directly onto the Lake Ontario vista). that results is 9 units per floor, making for very quiet hallways and lack of elevator congestion.

If you are interested in Current Sales Numbers, floor plans or unit availability just call 647 218 2414

Lets start by making a plan for where you want to be.

No Pets In a Toronto Condo

No Pets Means no Pets

Posted by Keir Wilmut
Following on the heels of Heenan Blaikie’s condominium group’s recent seminar “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”, the Toronto Star has weighed in on the always controversial issue of no-pet clauses in leases:
Under the law, you can’t prevent a tenant from bringing a pet into your property, unless it is a condominium and the building declaration says no pets. So even if a landlord and tenant sign a lease that says no pets, the tenant can bring 2 dogs and 4 cats the next day and there is nothing the landlord can do about it.
Yet if the landlord has a no pet policy in the entire building, they can probably refuse to approve the tenant in the first place if they know the tenant has a pet.
mountain-dog_woman.jpgTenants are governed by the same rules and restrictions as owners. As the Star notes, if a condominium corporation’s Declaration bans pets, an owner can ban tenants from having a pet in their rental unit. A condominium corporation’s Declaration is the equivalent of its constitution, and does not have to be reasonable.
However, the vast majority of Declarations do not contain provisions banning pets. As a result, many condominium corporations have passed rules restricting pet ownership. Like all rules, though, rules regarding pets must be reasonable. In practice, this means that a blanket “no pets” rule is unlikely to be upheld by the courts. Instead, condominium corporations should consider more reasonable rules such as only one pet per unit, or only pets that weigh less than 25 kilograms.
While tenants are subject to the condominium corporation’s rules, landlords cannot enforce additional rules regarding pets. If a condominium corporation’s rules allow one small pet, an owner cannot evict a tenant who has a cat – even if the lease purports to prohibit any pets!
For more information on this fur-raising issue, read Heenan Blaikie’s guide to pet restrictions in condominiums, or watch “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”.

While the simple solution becomes to LIE, the front desk concierge is there at visitation and move in to enforce the buildings Rules and Regulations.

Welcome to Condo Life;   If you chose this lifestyle you agreed to the Rules    Do not expect exemptions.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unaware Consumers are becoming an Endangered Species

The Endless path of opportunity

"I want to sell my rental property in Etobicoke Ontario. We’d like to find a great agent who won’t bait and switch us with over inflated estimates on what our property is worth or unrealistic time frames to sell it; just to get the listing."

So [insert client's name] sets out like they do in their hunt for any other product or service, digging online. Research.

A Google search for “Etobicoke real estate agent reviews”  provided 30 pages of results:

Not all are local Agents, but aggregators, lead sellers, directories and others who market their way into the keyword search online. Some are companies that just advertise listings.

In 2003

  • We found Buyers with Ads in the paper
  • Our daily Tear Sheets were organised into books by district and price.
  • We were gatekeepers of the LISTING content.
  • Yellow Page Advertising was effective.
  • When Door knocking, more people were home and willing to open the door.
  • Flyers had tangible penetration rates.
  • Direct Mail was effective.

Smart consumers

The Web has birthed a new psychographic known as the Smart Consumer. These are people who dig deep into the data points, content, images, video, news and reviews – the things that drive decisions.  They are either effective in their analysis or paralyzed by the myriad choices. 

Five or even three years ago, you might write these folks off as “obsessed”, “power users” or even “NERDS”. Today, with more and better information available, they’re darn near everybody.

Do you look things up in the Yellow pages?

No,  Now You Google it .... Etobicoke Real Estate Agent Reviews

In 2013,
Will you find your clients online?

  • Your Listings are on or Your VOW* provides ALL Listings
  • 88% of Canadians are on Facebook
  • 45% of Twitter Fans Follow Brands
  • 96% of Home Shoppers begin their search online
  • 8 Billion Videos are Viewed on You Tube Daily
  • YouTube is the Second largest Search Engine [only to Google]
  • Post Video Tours and Topical Content to get Viewers [and clients]
  • Web 3.0 Provides interactive Content and immediate contact details

Lets start by making a plan for where you want to be. 

Call me at today  647 218 2414

*VOW  Virtual Office Website   Map Based Listings of Every Listing in Toronto

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Real Estate for a New Generation

You've already made the decision to sell your home.  Now, we have to work to get you the highest dollar for your property and minimizing the disruption to your family and your lifestyle.

We will prepare the Market Evaluation for you because we know the local neighbourhood and the community, RE/MAX has a dominant market share that approaches 30%.  Combining this with online advertising, that is unmatched, you will have the greatest activity on your property within the first 21 day period.

Having the proper pricing of your home, and a superior presentation allows us to follow the trends that are happening in today's real estate market.

Real Estate continues to be a great investment; but we need to target the Buyers that we're looking for and HOW THEY come to us. Buyers are indeed online looking at different websites and we need to cater to them specifically by age and demographic. There are Mature buyers who are moving down, that are no longer competing with First Time Buyers for a starter home. They want Bungalows.

How can we capture their interest?

With YouTube Videos, Topical Information and with Social Media to Peak their interest and engage with them in a conversation.

We want to make your Etobicoke Home stand out.

We will be in communication with you, either by telephone or email, depending on your preference. My Performance Reviews are available on Video

Give me a Call Today at 647 218 2414

I'll take the time to look after you.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dad remarried; who shares your inheritance

Dad has been living on his own for a while and getting on in years.   He has met someone new. Whether he is divorced or a widower is academic. All the kids now have a new step Mother. [sharing their inheritance]

Claims of being a Gold Digger aside, your step Mom has spent lets say a decade looking after your Dad.  

The WILL that was drawn prior to the (RE) Marriage is rendered ineffective and must be redrafted. Your Step Mom has an interest in the Matrimonial Home.  [SHE] is entitled to an equalization of the equity in the home prior to the distribution of assets 

We know you would like to sell the Family Home as soon as practical; but there are some logistical issues that are immediately at hand.  Where will the NEW widow live?   What provisions has been made for her in the will.   While the New Step Mom, now widow, may no longer be asked for a Spousal Consent to the Sale she will however continue to have some possessory  rights.  Will there be a Dependence Relief Claim?

These are tough decisions for any Executor to make on the spur of the moment and in reality, it may be a minimum of 6 months or more before any decisions are made at all.  During this entire time, the estate is still making heat, hydro, water and insurance payments [ and possibly mortgage payments ]. 

With more than one Executor in the will have you made provision for dispute resolution between the executors?

All the more reason to call a Family Law Specialist who is wise with experience and an ASA REALTOR who is mindful of the resources that need to be introduced.

What legal minefields are you leaving behind with a home will kit? The argument will be what did [he] Dad mean by not addressing these issues.

Do you suffer from Impecunity?

Have you ever had a case of impecunity?   What was the cure?  Did you deal with the Stigma?  Have there been any long term effects?

having little or no money; penniless; poor.


My Father gave me a great lesson in life; He told me that while we may sometimes have no money we are never poor because we have our health, our imagination and our spirit to dream.

On this Thanksgiving I can think of no better answer to all our problems, of happiness and worth than to say we have an opportunity to learn and do more to earn money for the things we want [and need].  As long as we are healthy; everything else can be improved on.

I'm in Toronto Canada

Reach out and say Hello.

Will Mr Christie's Build Condos?

An excellent article that makes a great pre amble to the Mimico Residents Association piece is a PRINT article from the Star that Talks about densities and how everyone wants 3 bedroom plus den condos obviously that are low rise, but no one wants to pay the freight for building them at today's prices.

As densities in population continue with the MANHATTANIZATION of Toronto density and access and transit issues will impact everyone;

In the section of Mimico being revitalized, a series of dead-end roads sprout off Lake Shore Blvd. and run toward the waterfront. Planners have suggested connecting these cul-de-sacs with a new street running close to the water. But some residents like roads as they are, with children playing ball hockey, and worry any new street will become a beach-ruining thoroughfare.
Planners are generally pro-grid and anti-cul-de-sac — especially near the waterfront. Roads provide “a declaration of publicness,” says architect Michael Kirkland. “Absent a road, there tends to be a phenomenon of privatization, the sense you’re in somebody’s yard.”
But planning consultant Ken Greenberg sympathizes with the worriers. “To be avoided is a continuous thoroughfare that would encourage a lot of traffic bypassing Lake Shore Blvd. and running along the water,” he says. Connecting some of the cul-de-sacs to each other and creating loops — as occurs in the Beach, which some Mimico-ites hope to emulate — is a workable compromise, he believes.
Residents and planners agree that the now-dingy stretch of Lake Shore Blvd. should become a bustling public promenade with nice shops and restaurants. The question is how. “It’s one of the most compelling problems of the late 20th, early 21st century: How do we take streets like that and actually make them interesting and successful?” asks Glover. “It’s a bit of alchemy.”

From the  Mimico Residents Association we have their November Newsletter Update;  All kinds of wonderful details there.  Please follow the article to comment section.


November 2012
Community News

Mimico 20/20 Open House Materials now Available

City of Toronto City Planning staff hosted an Open House event at the Mimico Adult Centre on Thursday, November 8th. There were 20 information panels which presented the consultants' key study findings and conclusions regarding the following areas: Land Use and Built Form, Community Services and Facilities, Heritage Resource Assessment, Traffic Analysis, Servicing and Infrastructure Analysis, Community Energy Plan. To assist with the feedback exercise and for those of you who missed the event, the Open House information panels have now been posted on the City’s Mimico 20/20 Page (or click to download: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Feedback Form). Please take the time to fill in the feedback form and submit it to
Meanwhile, please stay tuned for further consultant report postings and an announcement about the next community consultation event. Contact Matthew Premru ( to be added to the Mimico 20/20 email list for updates.

The MRA has submitted a preliminary response to the emerging Secondary Plan based on our June survey findings.

Read the MRA Response.


NEW MRA Survey on key height/density and open space issues of 20/20 Plan

Since certain key aspects of the Plan were undecided when we conducted our last survey in June, we invite Mimico residents to fill out a very short 6-question survey to indicate your response to the heights, densities and open space network proposed in the emerging Mimico 20/20 Secondary Plan.
Fill out the survey by Wednesday, November 28th.

MRA Letter to Councillor Grimes supporting rezoning of North Mimico - Newcastle/Portland Community

The MRA has submitted a letter to Councillor Grimes to express our concern with the types of businesses that are operating in this area (most notably cement batching plants) in close proximity to the stable residential neighbourhood, and request that Council  re-zone this land appropriately to protect the community’s residents.
Read the complete letter.

MRA Letter to Councillor Grimes regarding Mr. Christie’s closure and potential development proposal

[Excerpt] With closing of the plant the effects on jobs and the community will be immediate, however the plans for massive condominium development on this site will be of grave concern to local residents, who have already expressed clear concern regarding increased density and building heights along Lake Shore Boulevard. The area from the Humber River to Park Lawn Road south of the Lakes Shore is now fully occupied by completed or under-construction tall condominium towers.
Read the complete letter.

MRA Letter regarding the Formation of a Local Appeal Body

[Excerpt] The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) hopes that the formation of a Local Appeal Body will support City Planning frameworks and policies, ensuring that approved development applications are appropriate to the infrastructure and built form of the surrounding area, and providing opportunities for community consultation on special allowances in height and density.
Read the complete letter.

The MRA Board is pleased to welcome  Romana Nazareth as a new Board member.

Romana is a Business Systems Analyst with RBC where she has worked for the past 12 years. She is also a mother of 2 and has been a Mimico resident for the past 7 years.
Romana has always been concerned about and interested in the current and future economic development of the area, as it affects the future landscape of our community. By being involved in the MRA, she wants to be able to assist in promoting a quality of life in the community and also to keep the Mimico residents informed and engaged in issues and what is happening in their community. Romana’s interests are gardening and interior design.

Political or not;  You cannot deny one landowner the right to build condos on the north east corner or Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore [ with buildings immediately along Lake Shore and Lake Promenade towering to 70 stories]  while you have multi density buildings that are residential built out a mere 66 feet away ay Park Lawn and Lake Shore on the west corner.

The City needs to provide solid TRANSIT improvements to service this pocket and as more move it we will continue to see the Lake Shore and Mimico flourishing from the additional pedestrian traffic and diners, restaurants and curio shops.

We could become Yorkville West!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Etobicoke Real Estate Agent

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Etobicoke Agent

1) Expertise and Advise
2) Knowledge of Neighbourhoods
3) Transaction Management
4) Local Flare!  Events and Charitable Causes
5) Community Service and an involved BIA

David Pylyp  an Etobicoke Agent blends Higher standards of Professionalism with strong entrepreneurial real estate instincts to ensure the successful conclusion of your transaction.

RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage
416 233 9000   

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What can you buy when you don't have credit?

Let's have a real conversation about financial responsibility, money and paying your bills.  We need Credit.  We all need and use credit and debit cards.  Flaherty has tightened Lending Policies for mortgages and keeps talking about household disposable income that changes with interest rate increases and other household expenses like Heat and Hydro. [Toronto, Canada in winter without heat and hydro is not an option]

What can you buy without Credit?

Now There are two variables;
  • Increase Income
  • Reduce Expenses
You can work an extra shift, get a part time job, or get a better paying job to supplement your income. You can rent a room or take in a boarder. You can pare down your lifestyle to where you are able to handle your monthly expenses and save for major purchases or vacations. Do without a Cell Phone, Cable or Internet.

Borrowing more money, or jamming your credit cards to the limit is not an alternative.   Please refer to ANY BANK card holder agreement and you will discover that paying the minimum balance will take 20 years to repay that $3,000 that was so easy to run up;  the preferred interest rate and extra fees you pay to get points don't matter when even one payment is late and THEY increase your interest rate to 28.85%

Do you need Major department store cards  like SEARS, Canadian Tire and the Bay?

Best Habit?  Pay off your entire credit card bill every month.

So you would like to buy a house but your credit score is low or you have a few blemishes. You can ignore it and just be angry,  You can phone a trustee in Bankruptcy and file or you can try these new soft proposals to your creditors.  [same as bankruptcy]

Credit Repair 

We can provide solutions to your money problems. Some of the issues we have dealt with are helping you create household budgets, consolidations and refinancing, smoothing out Credit Bureau errors and working with you over a period of 6 to 18 months to improve your credit score.

There are many reasons why you need mortgage or credit assistance; we've heard most of them, so don't hesitate, give us a call 416-410-1150  or send me an email.

Veronica Thompson, a Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Accumetrix (License #12036)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Using your Ipad for Real Estate

As a progressive Realtor and early technology adopter  I would like to ask your help and input on two Questions. 

Using the ipad for presentations and working with an ipad effectively, using it to sign documents;   Sending Listings to yourself for property tours, accessing hot spots? What else? 

For Beginners;  Using the Ipad is, What APPs to Buy and a concept of what can be done.  What do we want to know?

For the experienced user;  This could be Tips and Tricks,  How to use specifics like  Dropbox to keynote to Haiku Deck displays for Listing or Buyer Presentations.  New Graphic applications,    AUTO play presentations.  Do you display from Keynote or iBooks?

Can you identify specific topics or talking points, that you would like covered?  Which category do they belong to?

Thank you 
David Pylyp
Etobicoke Real Estate Agent
Accredited Senior Agent for York Peel and Halton Regions
Lives in Toronto and promoting Value
As we move forward It would be good if you also circled me on Google +

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Order Your Condo Status Certificate Online

Etobicoke Waterfront Condo Agent Specialist David Pylyp
You can Order your Condominium Buildings Status Document Bundle online.  A number of condominium corporations have made electronic ordering of your Status Certificate Online available and receiving all the documents online by email.

This saves the condo corporation the expense and time in preparing Packages for Purchasers. These packages include the Building Declarations, Rules and Regulations, By Laws, Audited Financial Statements, Proof of Insurance Coverage and a Status Certificate. Today it should also include a Workplace Harrassment By Law and a Standard Condo Unit Description.

CONDUIT - The standard in online Status Certificates
Since 2008 D-Tech Consulting has changed the way status certificates are ordered and delivered. Condominium corporations coverage across the GTA and Ontario provide access to order status certificates from most condo's and property management firms.
High adoption rates with management companies, unit coverage and powerful management system have led to integration with the Ontario land registry system managed by Teranet. Their Geowarehouse service provides all Ontario real estate board with integrated and direct access to CONDUIT.

The Lawyer who is conducting your transaction requires (for YOUR benefit as the Buyer) a Valid Status Certificate that is dated within 30 days of the closing, Signed under Seal with an original Signature.

The Bylaws, Insurance, Financial and Declarations are all documents that are up to date even when they are 9 months old.  The Status Certificate is relied upon to show if:

  • The Condo Corporation embroiled in Litigation
  • Long Term Repairs and Expenses
  • Special Assessments for Operating Fund Shortfalls
  • Confirms the Maintenance Fees and proposed Increases
  • Confirms your ownership details of Parking Spaces and Lockers
  • There are any outstanding Claims against Tarion

Yes, It is convenient; now your lawyer has an obligation to ask you if you want all the material printed (usually ..@ 50 cents per page) and you in an effort to save money skip the details.  If you have a lawyer who does not explain and show you the By Laws and documents, whether you own or have parking, purchased the correct unit, RUN! Change Lawyers.   I can recommend a few that are worth it.  Yes they charge more.  They actually do the job instead of gambling on Title Insurance Claim saving them. 

Its ok,  you just live in the apartment  Once you close your door......

Please work with people who understand the process and can explain these things to you in detail.  If You are buying into a building with poor management and a weak condo board  this makes the WHOLE purchase a gamble, not just your down payment or the Toronto Condo Bubble.   Are you Ready?   Give me a call.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Whats the Big Deal - I can Sell it Myself

With Internet, computer technology and apparently free advertising there should be a plethora of venues and opportunities to sell IT yourself.

You are saving VAST sums in commissions so you spent the savings on lavish colour brochures, a stunningly presented video about your residence, neighbourhood and amenities. Then added the RAW picture files as a pictorial online.

No...    Why Not?

Lets Examine a potential Transaction;

Remarks for Brokerages:  For All Appointments and Inquiries Contact:  The Home Owner directly at 647 218 2414 Email all offers to  Agents Welcome Commission Negotiable Via Seller-Use Form 202 -The Seller Has Reserved The Right To Sell The Property Themselves In The MLS ® Listing. 
CB Comm:$1 See Remarks  

Showing your house, is easy. I called and booked an appointment to show.  You agreed that IF we have an offer you are aware of Form 202 from the Toronto Real Estate Board. Sounds like you are Ready and Prepared.  I have a prospect in tow and hope you will not oversell your built in shelving and your son's woodworking project in the basement workshop. 

The Buyers likes your house; your asking price, IMHO is slightly optimistic but they are prepared to Negotiate. After showing a number of comparable properties we have a FIRST round offer. I need to present a Form 202 Prior to entering into a negotiation with you about the value of your home.

Now you feel my value is $1. The Buyer cannot add any expenses, surveys, inspection or taxes of the purchase, nor my commission to the Mortgage, as they generally are using their entire resources for their down payment. 

I need to continue with this Buyer through the counter offer (you didn't accept their initial offer) and explained you feel that your house is worth more [but the comparables do not support that conclusion.]

I do not want to argue LOGISTICS or Terminology or Timelines with you. No, you will not hold the deposit funds.  It is not my responsibility to explain your options to you. I represent my Buyer.
My Buyer clients often need support -- even hand holding -- during the buying and selling process. They need financial planning and approvals. They cannot call a website at night because they are having an anxiety about payments and budgets; Buyers remorse or second thoughts and detailed questions about what they already saw that's sold. It would be nice if they did, but they call me instead.

Websites are perfect for viewing homes for sale, but they however do not provide much in the way of service and are not the new, competing force in the marketplace. Interactive Web 3.0 sites have been around awhile and is here to stay. They have plenty of competition as they compete for consumer eyeballs.

The ability to find homes on the Internet is no longer impressive. Real estate experience and the ability to help buyers sort and filter data, to find and buy the right home for the best price is a valuable service that the Internet still cannot provide.

Updated Listing Kits are being assembled now. If you are considering Selling and you would like to examine one;  call and I will deliver this to you. Buyers receive a Satisfaction Guarantee.

416 233 9000 or 647 218 2414

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Larry the Landlord Bedbugs will Bite

Larry was horrified to find that even though his tenants readily admitted that they infested the apartment unit with bedbugs  It was his responsibility to eradicate the problem.

In a recent issue of the London Free Press, Denise Lash was interviewed as part of a special feature on Bed Bugs in condominium units and who’s responsible for their eradication, entitled “Responsibility to take steps to eradicate the nasty bug goes to the landlord”. Denise discusses how condominium corporations should notify their owners and ensure those owners retain a specialist bed bug eradication company if required.
 “if there are bedbugs in a condominium building, it is advisable for the corporation to inform the owners that there are bedbugs in the building (without stating which unit has the bedbugs due to privacy concerns). Residents should be told to inspect their units, and if found a specialist bedbug eradication company should be contacted”.
 You can read the full article on the London Free Press’s website here.  

It is not only the Individual Landlord but a Condominium Building could very well have the same obligations.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Marketing Plan for your Etobicoke Home

The marketing of your home is a vital part of the process. The preparation of a full Marketing Plan ensures that your property receives maximum exposure. Included in the Marketing Plan are the following:

¨  Install a “For Sale” sign on the front of your property
¨  Provide a lockbox
¨  Prepare and process all data forms
¨  Have colour feature sheets prepared to highlight the unique qualities of your property
¨  Create “BUZZ” for your property by networking with other agents as soon as the property is listed - agent open house held in the first week of listing your property
¨  Send targeted emails to agents, past clients and potential buyers to generate interest about your property
¨  Hold public neighbourhood open house to generate public interest
¨  Feature your home on the Homes West Toronto website
¨  Feature your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
¨  Feature your property on the RE/MAX website (

Especially for your home, I will do the following:

¨  Post and Syndicate Blogs about your property
¨  Take Digital Pictures for Loading to Toronto Real Estate Board
¨  Shoot additional property digital pictures for Slideshow upload
¨  Shoot Virtual Tour – Process, Render and upload to Video Sites
¨  Generate the QR code for your property
¨  Circulate your advertisement to online real estate sites
¨  Provide MLS data sheet with monthly payment, closing cost and financing calculators; income to qualify
¨  Initiate email follow up of agent prospect showings
¨  Maintain weekly reporting by email of marketing activities
¨  Report on local real estate competition changes
¨  Follow your lawful instructions
¨  The most critical stage  in your real estate transaction, the offer and its accompanying negotiations, I will personally represent you at the offer table and do my utmost to obtain the best possible price and terms for you by using my 24+ years of negotiating experience to your advantage.
¨  Ensure that the deposit accompanying your offer is certified and/or deposited into our Real Estate Trust Account within two banking days and help your lawyer where needed to expedite the sale.
¨  Assist where possible to ensure the timely completion of all conditions contained in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
¨  Ensure your Lawyer, Banker, Appraiser, Insurance Broker have necessary documents.
¨  PDF all documents for record keeping.

We do have an option of different commission programs for you to select the most appropriate plan.
The entire package is available for you to examine, from the comfort of your own home, by 
calling  647 218 2414 or email