Friday, January 31, 2014

Divorce I'm gonna take everything!

You have heard the battle cry....   I will take everything you have.   The realities and practicalities are vastly different.   A very dear friend and realtor laments in this post better to keep your money.   Take a moment for some sage advice.

The professionals made money from very expensive lawyers, Realtors and right down the line to the appraisers. But get this into your head, it is  your money, but it will be theirs; you have a choice, you can make professionals rich and yourself poor or you can go ahead to get your revenge.

Frankly, the best revenge in the world is to live well – financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you use the system to get your revenge, you will suffer in all fronts ,and when it is all over, too much time will have passed and you will rarely come out ahead.

In the beginning Its all about being a couple. At the end it's about assets, access to children and support.   Read through the advice offered and consider your options.   You can of course embitter your children against the other spouse and drag out the entire process for years. The Lawyers will be pleased you proved "IT" what ever it was.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GAZUMPING and Pocket Listings

So here we go.... 2014. I learned a great Lesson this year from Leo Bruneau  from Coquitlam BC. We talked at the RE/MAX Kickstart in Toronto just last week. 

GAZUMPING is where you have a real estate agent (REALTOR®) who has verbally agreed to your offer; but when you arrive, show up with all the paperwork signed they took more money from someone else. This is happening!  GAZUMPING

The other thing that's going to happen this year, in West Toronto detached homes sales,
is pocket listings. 

Pocket listings are where a Real Estate Agent takes that listing, keeps it off the MLS for those extra few days or a week, provides it only to his sign calls or to the client database 
that he already has.

This does a big dis-service to the sellers of that property because [they] may have had more money had the home been exposed to the real estate market for a reasonable length of time, to find BUYERS, looking in that pocket but under contract with other brokerages.

You cannot work for the best interest of the seller if you are in your own way.

Call me.  647 218 2414  I can help you

Monday, January 20, 2014

Toronto Real Estate Forecast 2014

2014 will continue to see price increases and competition for detached homes in Toronto.

Last year the Toronto Real Estate Board sold 87,000 units. That's over 85,000 in 2012.
The average price of all types of Homes in Toronto was at $520 thousand. This is up a collective 9% year over year,  the average price of a detached house in the 416 is topping out at $864 thousand, and there are 5% fewer available for sale. This is going to cause 
more price increases, multiple offers and competition this year. The average price of a house in the 905 have moved itself to $627,000 dollars .

Many are opting to compete in the downtown Toronto core for rental properties,
There is currently a 1.4% vacancy factor in Toronto. People are downtown as families, not as expected as singles and retirees.

Seniors are staying in their homes longer by making them suitable to their long term occupancy. This adds to the lack of inventory that's available for sale.

Affordability is playing a huge factor in the housing market.

There is so much information available for you online. From Hood Data Reports by postal code, to finding out the house History with 

Verified Home Reports, to actually buying Condominium Insurance to guard against a Special Assessment.

You need someone to sift through all that data. Someone to help you interpret the numbers. If you have a sincere real estate challenge, a problem to deal with, give me a call. I've got 25 years of experience.
I available at 647 218 2414