Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Talk to their past clients

Results that Matter;
Its what the client's say afterwards that matters

Thank you David for introducing us to Lawyer [Victor Lishchyna]. He is going to be a great help to settle the estate for Zina. He is kind and is gentle in leading us through all the paper work that has to get done. I really appreciate your wisdom and guidance in all you did for Zina Lucyk Thank you again. Nellie C.

Its not me you have to talk to..   Its my past client's you need to ask

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I have an agent but he's busy

Are you under contract or intending to use another realtor?

" Yes I'm working with an agent. I like to look at places before I call him. I don't want to waste his time. Anytime after noon will work for me. Can you tell me what the condo fees include, what the tenets pay in rent, how long have they been there?"

How would you respond?

David Pylyp

647 218 2414

Saturday, February 7, 2015

We have time to sell Etobicoke Homes for Sale

Called a FSBO today because clients I HAVE want to see the house. After a few preliminary questions...

FSBO: Do your clients need to sell their house?

Me: No, they are first time buyers

FSBO: Just so that you know our story, we've bought a house and we're not moving into it until June, so we don't have to sell. We've told all the agents this.

Me: (smh) You will have to sell in a few months
 ** listing to the bottom of the pile**
Me: Out of curiosity, Why are you selling on your own?
FSBO: To save money, we're not in a rush to sell

I felt like telling her they've told every agent who's called they're going to be desperate in a few months and more than likely are going to lose way more as a result.
[Still shaking me head.] 

The reality is if my Buyers under contract can create an advantage and SAVINGS, when there are no customers coming to buy your home...   then we will be back in a few months and see if you are still here.
Time to call a real estate agent; ask for references and interview in person.

David Pylyp 647 218 2414