Monday, May 11, 2015

Let's Facetime that Listing! Can you see the Live Stream?

I asked this question and a little more detail of RECO. 

We have some significant new entries to the social media application world in the form of SKYPE and FaceTime. Both of these applications allow users to quickly and easily provide Personal Live Streaming (PLS), meaning they can start shooting video and instantly sharing it on social media.  No shooting video and uploading to YouTube/Instagram/Vine, this is an ongoing live stream complete with user interaction.  
When I book a showing do I ask permission to skype the video tour with the listing agents office?
Do I ask about taking pictures of interiors with my iPhone to send to my buyers or for record keeping? 
One source already says;

Advertise the time you will broadcast that OPEN HOUSE
Virtual Open Houses / Teasers

If you’ve already gained a large social following, then you’re ahead of the game. All you have to do is point them towards your Meerkat or Periscope account and let them know that you’ll be hosting a live ‘open house’ tour of a property. Extend this information to any of your listing pages so that whoever is interested can attend.

I respect that with properties ONLINE views could target homes for theft.

But what about the broadcast of other people's listings on my Periscope, Facetime or Skype.

..on Twitter I could post....

I'm going to be showing you around on Saturday!  Drop in!   Can I broadcast the SHOW?

Am I soliciting someone else's client?

RECO received our request for guidance and send this response;

The marketing mediums you have described below will require written permissions and a clear understanding from both Sellers and Listing Brokerages before proceeding. If obtained then the advertising will also require prominent identification of the listing brokerage information within the stream which cannot imply it is your brokerage’s listing. I suggest you review the Registrars Advertising Guidelines and the Social Media Advertising Guide (available at to ensure that your own advertising compliance obligations are being met. In addition, there may be Privacy Act implications but RECO does not enforce that legislation. 
Thank you for contacting RECO, Glen Thomas | Complaints, Compliance and Discipline | Real Estate Council of Ontario | 416-207-4850 | fax 416-207-48201-800-245-6910 | www.reco.on.caRECO's mission is excellence in the delivery of regulatory services that protect the public interest and enhance consumer confidence in the real estate profession.

There are so many rules in place; but none directly address these changing and growing technologies.
How would I brand a FACETIME display of a property walk thru?  What do you think?

Can I live stream this Listing for you as a preview?  Are you open for business or closed....

Add your thoughts....