Friday, July 27, 2012

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Toronto Humber Bay Shore

We loved watching the Lifestyles of the rich and famous... Seeing how the other half lives

Here's a fun link for your Saturday or Sunday!

These are Condos that are going to be on Open House this weekend July 28 and 29th, 2012

Humber Bay Shores and Lake Shore,  Marine Parade Drive in Toronto West...

Even if you're not shopping in this price range, it's still fun to check out the Waterfront of the local market every now and then?  Don't you think? Drop in at Eden and enjoy the open air patio! 

(And of course, if you know anyone who might be interested in one of these great properties, feel free to hit reply... )   Here the link

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Have you had the worst TENANT ever?

Has your Landlord Tenant Experience been the very worst experience in your life?

I've attended many a hearing at the LTT over the last 25 years and I can tell you.....

My Faves?

The tenant that left the [basement apartment] water running to dampen the noise from upstairs. Landlord entered to turn off the water and a dispute started. Result?  Landlord was served with a restraining order to stay away from Tenant's Residence!  (They lived upstairs)

Rent Increases do not apply for units constructed after 1991.  So Market Rent rates prevail.

During the course of an upscale property eviction [non payment]  LTT Tribunal attempted to reserve decision on the Eviction Order and the Tribunal was reminded that their claim limit  would be exceeded if they delayed a ruling.   [Rent was $4,500 per month LTT Limit is $10,000]

What is your worst Tenant Story?

Add them here!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update for Michael Power Place Etobicoke

July 22.2012

There has been so much activity for Michael Power Place in West Toronto

Values have grown steadily...

Interested in the latest stats?

See for yourself....

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm on Maternity Leave- Can we get a Mortgage?

Looking for a house in Toronto's competitive real estate market does not always time itself perfectly for your life's circumstances. Here is how you can get a Mortgage while on Maternity Leave.

I’m Nathalie Ng. I am the Money Chick- A mortgage agent who is licensed 2 give unbiased Mortgage advice.

I've heard  new-Moms,  now with a bigger family, cannot get a mortgage.

It all depends which lender they approach & whom they are talking to. Not all lenders will approve a mortgage to someone who is on maternity leave.

I know of a lady who is looking to move up to a bigger house, what she can do?

One of my clients  just gave birth to twins. They were looking to buy a property before she got pregnant, but the pregnancy came first. A month after giving birth, they informed me that they now have twins; that they really, had to move from their condo.

So I have good news for women who are on MAT LEAVE; worried that they could not get a mortgage. We were able to determine their level of income and debts. As a licensed mortgage agent, I was able to identify a lender who would be willing to consider her situation.
Now, many months later, they have moved into a new house where the twins have their own room.

 Its Good to help families in need…. How can Clients Reach you?
They can reach me at 416-629-1818

Call David Pylyp to start you home shopping needs filled.    We make it simpler for you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Law Practice Video

 HOW TO Use Video In Your Law Practice Marketing

Video For Real Estate
Lets talk about using video, specifically,   video in your  legal practice. Question: Given the choice between reading an  article about something you are interested in or watching a short 2-3 minute law library video about it, which would you choose? Probably video right? Well your ideal client – consumers – are the same way. If you have been practicing law for more than a few years, I’m pretty sure you have heard statistics about YouTube and using video in your  business. Remember these:
Using YouTube In Real Real Estate Marketing
  • Video is 57% more likely to rank on the 1st page of Google over text
  • YouTube has over 55% Market Share of Competing Video Hosting Platforms
  • 35 hrs of video uploaded per minute
  • 13 million hours of video footage uploaded in 2010
  • 18 million hours of video footage projected in 2011
  • 2 Billion Video Views per day
  • Average visitor spends +15 min per day on Youtube
  • Broad Demographic: 18-54 age range

Other Benefits Of Using Video In Your Law Practice Include:

  • It drives qualified traffic!
  • Excellent for Branding & Professionalism
  • It is the WAY to be marketing your products and services today!
  • It Establishes you as an authority in your industry
  • Itʼs FREE & unlike PPC or Facebook ads, it can work forever!
  • Video ranks better than articles & easier to optimize than websites
You know you should be using video in your Business but you may not really know HOW. Join me  for HOW to use  Video in your Law Firm. This interview is the HOW TO that many others cannot show you. Why? Because anyone can spit out statistics about video but it takes someone that actually does it to show you their best practices. I have over 200 videos on YouTube that drive qualified traffic (my ideal client) to my websites.  In this interview we are going to cover:
  • 1. The Right Mindset
  • 2. What Video Platforms to focus on and WHY
  • 3. Your Foundation- One of the most Important Steps!
  • 4. Targeting Proper Keywords
  • Owning your Own Content
  • Equipment Needed [Kodak Zi8 or Flip, iPhone 4 or your laptop
  • Best Camera?  The one you will use...
  • Editing Software iMovie and Final Cut PRO for mac/ Windows Movie Maker or SONY Vegas for PC
  • What to make your videos about
  • How long your  videos should be
  • Calls To Action
  • Why It's easier To Rank In YouTube Than Google
  • Lighting
  • Google's Keyword Tool [Get into the mind or shoes of your ideal client]
  • How To Create Real Estate Video’s Of Value Your Clients Are Looking For
  • A.I.D.A. Attention Interest Desire and Action
  • How To Be Engaging [No one wants to watch a boring video]
  • How to get and keep your viewers attention
  • Optimizing Your Real Estate Videos For Search Engines and Humans
For those of you that are intimitaded by being in front of the camera, RELAX! I will present solutions for you as well. You will discover HOW to get the same results WITHOUT even being in front of the camera! Isn’t That Great!
Seems like everyone talks about VIRAL Video’s. We will also be discussing WHY your goal is NOT to “Go Viral!” Itʼs to get traffic from Google Search Results & Youtube Related Videos! Doing so will provide you with a steady stream of incoming traffic [consumers] that are interested in your services. Properly made topical law videos, engaging Legal Issue videos and optimized videos will help put your traffic on autopilot.
Traffic goes to the best content on the Internet, Period. Real Law Video can help you get found. David Pylyp is in Toronto and I Will Show YOU HOW.

Contact David Pylyp for help with your Marketing Needs

Whether you are an Insurance Broker,  Law Office or real estate agent looking to grow your business, or a loan officer that needs help getting your  clients "found" online - I can help. Please fill out the information below and I'll get back to you asap.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Buying a Condo - Is It really a deal anymore?

Condos are usually considered starter residences with studios, one bedrooms and lofts being most desired. Singles tend to be the predominant purchasing group.  As you gather and collect things for life you also gain a spouse and child. Things constantly change.

We were expecting retirees to downsize and  occupy smaller units, but they are embracing the housing they have and renovating to make their houses suitable for long term occupancy. This includes stair glider systems, wheelchair ramps and lifts at the front entrance plus other bath and lift aids. Walk in and Sit down Shower Conversions.

In a condo we agree to follow the Rules and Regulations. Declare Tenant Occupancy,  you get to do what you want inside not on the outside; Pet Restrictions, No wild parties, no excessive noise, Parking in new buildings is often limited. TTC ridership is encouraged. Auto Sharing?

Many decisions and obligations are made for you  so really you are making a lifestyle selection.  You have the right to pay maintenance fees. The costs for heat and hydro, water and garbage removal, (a house's garbage pick up is included, condo's pay tipping) additional amenities like a concierge can easily run to 58 cents per square foot.  The bigger the building, the better the sharing, but now you have more suites per floor in higher structures. Do you have a Rec center?

What will be the Future Values?

We have had an unprecedented run up in values that has continued unabated since 2000.  (There was  a blip in 2008 that recovered almost immediately in 2009). These exceptional growth years are expected to soften slightly going into 2014.  (PDF from CMHC)  As tenant demand decreases first prices will soften for rents, then prices will begin to adjust for unit costs. Toronto currently has 1.1% vacancy. 

CMHC projects average values at $420 - $495 per square foot as sustainable and supported by the Toronto condo resale market.   If you are buying at higher values you need to examine your addition amenities.

Annual appreciation on condos has been about 5 % per year on average. As buildings age they tend to stay within the rate of inflation for per square foot prices while maintenance fees continue to increase. Mandatory Reserve Fund studies are revisiting the minimum required contribution limits at 10% as inadequate. This is forcing many Condo Corporations to make the hard realistic choices they have evaded. 

So what's my conclusion?

I could never afford to live in the location I have; at High Park over looking Lake Ontario, in a single detached home, (The Opening Video scene is shot from my condo window) If It was not in a condominium. The same very quickly applies to being in the downtown core.  With larger units, 3 bedrooms plus den, does not appear to have sustained demand due to cost. IE 1.5 million plus.

If you want the lifestyle and location, it's great.  As an investment, with the additional expense of upkeep, maintenance fees and services, condos may not deliver the promised return. 

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Real Estate built around your needs

Times are busy, You have so many details up in the air; So many tasks to perform, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether your agent is acting in your best interest.

The Pulse of what's happening in the marketplace, to competitive listings and financial restrictions in obtaining a mortgage. Listings are asking too much. our team can ensure that the key factors in the sale of your home are addressed and acted upon. Compare my custom tailored and innovative marketing program that is unique. I will ensure maximum exposure for your home and an exceptional real estate experience. I will include you in all decisions. You should feel empowered that you have made the right choice. Get the answers to the questions you have.

1) There when you need me
2) Educated and informed
3) Prompt Reliable
4) Follow through
5) Free up your life for more important things
6) Protects your assets

My success has come one property and one relationship at a time. With my Team of Specialists, we ensure your experience is enjoyable, informative and personalized to you; providing cutting edge technologies and services to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. We firmly believe a great experience comes from a great relationship and I am committed to improving the lives of the people and communities we serve. My work revolves around you and your needs.

I make it easy...

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Can't Touch this....

 How can I get your attention to demonstrate superior marketing ability and experience?

Marketing Questions To Ask The Real Estate Agent

Who Is Offering To List Your Property

With more than 90% of property buyers searching online for real estate, you'll likely be best served by an agent who understands modern Real Estate web marketing techniques.

Ask a few Questions For Your Real Estate Agent
· Will you create a single property website for my property? Will it be syndicated? Will this site include a video of the property? Will the video be on Youtube? How about some other video sharing sites?
· Is there a photo stream available with 15 or 20 pictures?
· How often can you post to Craig’s and Kijiji? What other ad sites do you use to drive visitor traffic? Are Facebook Marketplace ad impressions available for the property? How will they be targeted?
· Do you have any landing pages by topic that capture prospect interest?
· Will you post my property to your blog and update your readership with OPEN HOUSE dates and events?
· Will you create a QR code for the property? Will it automatically show the website and inside pictures and invite them to take a look at my listing?
· Can I help edit the MLS description you write for the property after we execute a listing agreement? Will you provide a Copy of your Marketing Plan?
· If you are not performing as promised Can I get rid you?
· If I buy something and we are unhappy, Do you provide a Satisfaction Guarantee?
· Which social networks will your blog posts about my listing syndicate to? How many total people do you have on your friends/fans/followers lists?
When you are ready, I would love to help sell your home.  Call             647.218.2414       or email

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