Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sorry that you were misrepresented on that Rent to Own

Was it presented to you as a good deal? 

This Rent to Own program that gains favour from time to time.  I ranted about this extensively during the 2008 Credit Crisis when all the North American markets CLENCHED shut for about 6 months into January of 2009 when [Obama] the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT released the Bail out Money. People  will try to take advantage of others misfortune.

Those very same factors are in play right now in Ontario [the Toronto west GTA] with Tightening Credit Criteria from CHMC, shortened amortizations and stricter verification to qualify for a mortgage processes.

This program is especially appealing to those who have strong cash flow but less than stellar credit.   It has value in the fact that you can afford a "DEPOSIT" in addition to the First and Last Month's rent on the Rental, and Money will be added to your deposit on a monthly basis at $200 or $300 from the over inflated amount paid.  Well thats the way you planned it and understood it to be.

This contract usually has a fixed selling price for a future date or an OPTION to Purchase.  These must be clearly spelled out in the contract.  If the market adjusts; you need to have an out, but what about the payments you have already made, Will you get those back? WHO will finance an over priced purchased because you have a fixed closing date?

Risky Business
Toronto real estate lawyer Bob Aaron said all sellers take that risk, when they sign up for rent to own.
“There’s a fringe of investors all over the country who make money teaching courses and putting buyers and sellers together with rent to own,” said Aaron. “The biggest problem is: how do you get rid of a bum [tenant]?”
Real estate professionals said tenants also risk losing the money they put toward a purchase.
“There’s no accountability with this kind of system,” said Samantha Gale of the Mortgage Brokers Association of B.C. “You don’t have some kind of standards which are adhered to and you don’t have any kind of recourse.”Because operators like Burnett are not licensed or regulated, when deals go south, consumers have no recourse but to launch court battles.
The article points out potential pitfalls from the unsuccessful negotiation of a "deal".  I work with a Credit Repair Counsellor [Veronica Thompson] who is also a licensed Mortgage Broker to interview and help prospective purchasers secure a property.

If you are not dealing with the underlying issues that make you candidate for Rent to Own, a lack of financial records, low credit score,  poor job stability or divorce...   what makes you think that in 5 years your credit will be better to instantly qualify for a mortgage based on a future value.

Have you ever changed your mind after a few years?

What do you think?   Is rent to own your only option?

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