Friday, November 29, 2013

Its Risky Moving to a New Place

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith....

To find someone who is honest and trustworthy.

Buying a place is easy;  making the selection that is best for you may include some details you may have overlooked or simply not known about the neighbourhood, the community or recent events.

Easier to jump and repent later?

Decisions in life that can be informed should seek every opportunity for advice.   I am paid from the proceeds of the transaction.  It does not cost extra to Make use of my experience.  Call me today.

647 218 2414 or 416 233 9000

David Pylyp
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Now taking Drama and Problem Listings Toronto

Working with difficult or complicated situations we need to Set The Stage For a Successful Sale.

Real Estate involves frequent interactions with people in a multitude of situations, ranging from getting along with divorcing parties to warring siblings to negotiating the sale. Maybe it requires the eviction of a Hostile Tenant and then the sale. Part of my success depends on my ability to effectively negotiate problems. 

Here are some tips for dealing with difficult people and stress inducing situations:

  • Meeting privately – having an audience listening causes more defensiveness.
  • Expect that difficult situations will take time to resolve.
  • Don't take things personally. Recognize that your role is to be calm and objective. 
  • Use Active Listening Skills.
  • Let's Identify The Problem

Clarify the expectations of the sale and the impediments.
Encourage the parties to talk – this will provide more understanding of the “real” issues involved and often provides clues for possible solutions.
Context -  Can we reframe the problem so that it is not personal?  We  can make the problem something that we are all working on collaboratively to solve.

Bring in the legal and conflict resolution people we need.
Call me...  Let's talk
David Pylyp
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage

416 233 9000 or direct 647 218 2414

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lead Gen will Get you page One Google Results

We are inundated with sales calls PUSHING the benefits of Lead Generation Sites. Guarantees of thousands of leads. Come hither! Some agents have abandoned their entire CONTENT MARKETING [you are the local expert] websites, blogging and videos for the promise of Leads. Yes, we all want leads.

Customers will look at your site if you have content. Google will find your site for your content. You will appear in the SERPs because of your content.

Web 1.0 was a business card online. Now it is interactive; Video embedded into a blog => directed to a landing page for your prospects to sign up or contact you. You promote your content on Social Media networks like Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  A LOUD AND EFFECTIVE CALL TO ACTION

Without content; you will not be seen or found. 

A lead gen page does not rank for any real estate terms; It is merely a landing pages. Do not substitute all the great things about you and your unique selling proposition and special local flare, with a landing page that describes very little and offers a sign in.


When you search yourself online (and prospects do) demonstrates your ability to market, be found and promote.  Use Google Alerts.

[yourname DOT com] needs to be fed and cultivated to bear fruit.  BLOG!  Create Video!  Post content about your community and then post links to that information on social media sites.  You will be rewarded.

Don't know how?    Find someone to TEACH you how to do it!   Then you will understand what you are hiring people to do for you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What is your commission?

When PROSPECTS call me and ask... What is your commission rate? I would answer with a response about sharing, Gross Commissions and "That commissions are always negotiable."

The response was predictable; We only want the price on the phone, They Hang up and Move On.  Now, when they call I give them 2.5% (We can negotiable; if you have another transaction tied to this.[purchase another home]  Never more than 2.5%

There are TWO parties to the offer.

The Selling Agent who brings the client.   

While 85 to 90% of Buyers may start the Home Buying process online, by the time they get to your door they have been educated, pre qualified, obtained a financial commitment from a lender and are under a Buyers Agency Agreement with someone [or possible committed to working with an agent but are not yet under contract with a Broker]

Will you be paying a Selling Broker's commission?  Will you offer more or less that what is average in your marketplace. **It is clearly in conflict with our regulatory body (RECO) for me to interfere with another Broker's Contract. In Plain English, I cannot ask my fellow realtor to discount their commission. I do not know what they are charging their client and may already be offering inducements or incentives. Co operating Broker's Commissions are clearly posted on the Listing forms and repeated on the printed data sheets. These averages are information that is available to you when I present you with the Comparable Market Evaluation (CMA) as I have usually selected 3 or 4 properties that have recently sold and I will be reliant upon these details when defending your asking price.  

I will defend your position to the best of my negotiating ability. I will not disclose your circumstances for selling, URGENCY, motivation or lowest Price. I will keep your secrets. When Agent's call, and they will, they directly ask What will you take?  The best response is that "I know they will take the ASKING PRICE."

So let's examine what I do in a transaction,  I price your home, present you with Print and Video Material, deal with survey, amendments, inspections, contracts and distribute to all involved in this transaction. [Buyers] need to know What might impact their future value by what is being built around them, [your home]  anything that remains in or on the property IE. OIL TANK buried in the yard, or anything that could impact obtaining financing or insurance like Knob and Tube Wiring. I would urge Home Buyers to Obtain a Home Verified Report to confirm if any insurance claims have been made in the last 5 years. 

In all I would suggest to you that easily 30 - 50 hours could be accumulated on your file; prior to the time we attend with at your real estate closing.

Let's examine the LISTING AGENT's of that Commission.
  • Every Agent must pay their Broker. It's a cost of being in business. Licensing, Insurance, in addition to Memberships. 
  • There are the Marketings costs, Brochures, Video, Photography, Time and efforts for websites, online and Social Media Advertising. 
  • The balance is Income for Me. Less the tangible expenses of gasoline Insurance, vehicle lease, cell phones and equipment, cameras and computers and my Friends that Calculate and collect Income Taxes. 
IF I am Listing a house for a few hundred dollars;  Which category can reduced?

THEN How do you expect to achieve the highest value when selling your home IF you do not advertise or promote your property to attract the largest POOL of available shoppers?

Meeting an agent who is prepared to handle your sale from Listing, Pricing to Negotiation (and we hope Multiple offers) and sheppard your transaction, DRAMA free, to the closing table; Anticipate what the hurdles might be and bring in the health care, legal or financial talent to help you as required has value over the inexperienced agent or mere listing that merely offers the illusion of a lower price. Selling yourself is an option but unless it's a smokin' Hot Deal, Buyers are not going to find you.

What is my commission rate?  Usually less than 2.5% Let's Negotiate...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cash Back on Closings

Some are now offering Cash Back on closings if you buy with Me. How can I spin this for you?

I know you love this house; Let's take a serious look at the wiring, get the roof inspected, Search the History, Make sure there is a Survey, Confirm your Commitment to Finance on this specific property making sure you can accommodate all the conditions / requirements.

Evaluate How many times this home has been listed. Search the Sales History for how many Price reductions / renewals have been posted to mask Days on Market. Search for similar homes in the same neighbourhood to help you understand the values. Prepare and Present your offer.  Have Offer Accepted.   Select a Lawyer. Deliver Documents.

Order a Home Verified Report.... 

Cash back on closing? Where does that come from?   You signed a Buyers Agency to be represented.   What if the commission offered to selling broker is ONE DOLLAR? Signing a Buyer's Agency means that I keep your secrets, ability and capacity to myself.  The duration of that Buyers Agency is very location and Duration Specific.

I knew you'd love this house... Do you want to go back out and come inside again?