Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Home Energy Audits ONTARIO

You need a lawyer.
You need a Real Estate Agent.
You will see the Home Inspector.
You need a Stager / Painter / Decorator

You paint, you clean, you fluff pillows.
You wait for a buyer.  Now the home you have lovingly cared for, for 35 years requires an ENERGY Audit in addition to the anticipation and stress of selling.

Thank you 

If governments follow up on this demand, the impact will be felt by everyone who owns a house. And with audits typically priced at $400 to $600, this is not an insignificant obligation. This burden will inevitably fall hardest on modest-income homeowners. Mandatory energy audits will also punish owners of older, less energy-efficient homes. If you own a heritage home today, be warned that your house will become harder to sell in the future, as disclosure of energy costs becomes yet another item to be obsessed over by prospective home buyers along with local schools, commuting routes and potential neighbours.

Ontario has promised to pay the full cost of these audits: an expense of approximately $125-million per year. But this commitment only covers the first two years of the program. Anyone planning to sell their house after 2020 may end up having to shoulder the full or partial cost. That’s because the money to cover these free audits is supposed to come from the province’s share of income taxed from the province’s cap-and-trade program. If revenue from cap-and-trade disappoints, someone else is going to have to pick up the tab. Who might that be?

Singularly its a great thing.

When done in addition to all the other CONSTRICTING EVENTS of 2017;
Stress Test on Mortgages
Foreign Buyers Tax
Fall in Real Estate Values 2017

Now a Home  Mandatory Energy Audit.

Its getting harder to sell homes.