Thursday, January 29, 2015

What will happen in Toronto Real Estate 2015?

We are bullish and optimistic for the real estate market in 2015 because people consider Toronto ON a destination and an employer.


We have first class universities; unmatched health care (PAID FOR) New start up companies are venturing north for technology (WESTERN University and Google in Guelph Kitchener)  Film Industry is strong here!   Our real estate values and Banking Systems are secure and confidant.


As more people arrive in the Toronto GTA Vacancy becomes an issue. Toronto is currently at 1.8% that are vacant even with 20,000 plus units added annually.

The affordability of Condo units as a purchase allows many to move forward to own their own space in Toronto.

Institutional Builders  IE Greenpark, Cadillac Fairview, are not building apartment buildings to add to the rental pool.   The City of Toronto and the Municipal Housing Authority have no budget to repair their existing housing stock. Nevermind building rental inventory.  Two buildings ( Urban Corp ) just converted their projects to rental stock.

All of the slides contained in this presentation are available to you for use.  They are from the Fourth Quarter update and Forecast by Canada Mortgage and Housing.  

Would you like to talk about any of the material here?

The acute shortage of detached homes with the 416 will continue as demand heightens this spring.  Townhouses and semi will share the same enthusiasm

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Toronto Home Buying Rebates

You found a house yourself online.
You picked an agent to show you that house based on the rebate offered.

You bought the house based on the rebate.  They showed you the house (never previously seen) and you bought it.

You didn't take the Home Verified Report nor the Home Buyers Insurance for appliances, wiring or plumbing.

How can I help you now?

Real Estate is about making the right decisions.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

feeDuck - No thanks

So many new business models think everything online is FREE. an agent bidding on a potential listing, you have to pre-provide them with a credit card to charge their fee IMMEDIATELY upon winning the bid... BUT there's no guarantee the owner will list at a realistic price, and no guarantee they won't change their mind about the listing. The agent bids on a 'listing' but it's not a legal and binding MLS listing, just a form filled in by the potential seller. 

So let's recap

I don't know if your asking price is reasonable...
I don't know if you have more debt than house...
I don't know (yet) if you are the real owner...
I don't know how clean your house will be...
I don't know if you have PETS...
I don't know if you have done inspections...
I don't know how long it will take to sell...
I don't know if you will find the offer acceptable to take...
I don't know if you are buying another house... 

You want me to Attract Purchaser with;
Produce video...  Youtube and unbranded Versions
Take Hi Res Images...
Advertise and Promote Online and with Social Media
and pay for brochures in full colour.
Say abreast of legislation

When I earn money I also pay taxes.

You want me to share a standard Co operating Commission.

The Buyer ALSO wants a REBATE....

Two people cannot save the same commission. Yes, the barriers to Real Estate sales are easy.  They teach you to fill out a real estate form.  Working in Real Estate for 25 years provides experience and observation. 

Ask for References!   Ask if they have other employment.  Ask for Samples.

Having the right answers at the right time is the Value that I bring to Homes sales in West Toronto  A real estate transaction is about building trust; a relationship that is transparent, honest  and intuitive.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's beat the winter GRIMM

Do you want to fight the winter GRIMM?

Let's Go buy a condo Together!

Opened the Mail and its heavy on your heart?

Lets Renew that Mortgage and roll higher interest rate debt into where it will help your cash flow 
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dad /Mom has dementia....we need to sell the house

The children have a POA (Power of Attorney for assets)  and Mom has been getting really ill lately.

WE MAY need to sell the house.

The owner of a property is very ill and family members have a POA and they go ahead and list it. If the owner passes away prior to the property being sold does anything change with the listing? Does it have to become the Estate of Deceased?

There must be an event (other than procrastination) that triggers the validity of the POA. This creates a medical (MOH) Form 21 Certificate of Incapacity under section 54(4) Signed by the attending physician.

If your parent was to pass away prior to the closing of the sale, the estate trustee, would arrange for a probate certificate.

As always, call an Accredited Senior Agent who has the answers that you need. Always seek a legal opinion for guidance.

David Pylyp
#Bythewater in Etobicoke