Friday, December 5, 2014

Living just EAST of the Humber River Bridge

What do I need to do, to get your attention?

Along the lake shore at Ellis Avenue, South of High Park, east of the traffic congestion of the Humber River Bridge, we have Park Lake Residences. Mid rise Condominium Community with only 9 suites per floor.

Granite countertops, marble bathroom countertops and hardwood floors; this has an upscale hotel feel to all the amenities.  You will enjoy panoramic vistas of both Lake Ontario and High Park! Yet situated on four different #TTC transit routes to add convenience and community. 

This 885 square foot two bedroom plus den suite, has two full bathrooms and a  walk in closet in the master bedroom.  Berber Broadloom in sleeping areas. Undermount Kitchen lighting will highlite your entertaining flare!  Your own den can provide a home office / work space.

You can have all this for only $295 per week or we can work out your own payment details. Possession could be near Valentine's Day.  Tell your sweetheart!

*This unit is priced below the last sale (of a higher floor ) by $30,000
*Toronto average condo price is $562 per square foot ** CMHC Economic Outlook

This suite should be valued at $497,370!

Call for your private inspection today....   If the line is busy we are showing this unit.

Friday, November 21, 2014

But This is all I can Afford Is not a Negotiation Tool

When I have listings; the Buyers are often coming directly to me.  Most times they have been shown many properties by other realtors.

I want to touch on two points...

You are getting married and you propose to your WIFE to be; You head to the jeweller and express your desire for a ring worthy of your Bride.   The Jewelry Store presents their selections for your Bride to choose.  She steps away.

You hold out your hand and say....  "But... this is all I can afford":

Should they sell it to you?   or Save the Ring for someone else?  

How does this negotiation tactic work when you are buying a house?

Let's look for the right deal.... Call today.

20 - 24% of our Population in Canada will be Seniors by 2035


By 2035 the number of seniors will swell to 22 - 24% of population.

And a high-growth scenario sees the number of Canadians swelling to 63.5 million.
The scenarios differ in their assumptions about future immigration levels, fertility rates and longevity. For planning purposes, the most sensible approach is to use the medium-growth scenario, which points to a national population of roughly 50 million a half century from now.
In all scenarios, the proportions of senior citizens within the population – defined as people aged 65 and over – edges higher. From 15.3 per cent today, the ranks of Canadian seniors will expand to comprise 22 to 24 per cent of the population by the early 2030s.

These are incredible numbers! With a population of  60 million people in Canada  (2035) 24% will be drawing a pension.    What else will they do differently?

  • Buy fewer clothes
  • Buy fewer houses
  • Buy fewer Cars
  • Livelonger off Pension Income
  • Hold Houses Longer

There will be a spin off reduction in all things that are consumer based products as the seniors become more shut in.

So what are some solutions?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Liberty Village Condo Explosion

Unless you have been out of touch;  you have seen the news reports about an alleged drug lab within a condominium community ( Liberty Village ) that suffered a catastrophic explosion, blowing out the unit door and damaging the elevators.

Fortunately no residents were injured.

The news reports were numerous.

The incident occurred at a residential building on East Liberty Street shortly after 6:30 p.m., and when firefighters arrived on scene, they found a man inside a sixth floor unit suffering from burns to his hands and face. The man suffered only minor injuries in the explosion, which was so powerful it blew off the door to his apartment. The explosion also blew in the doors of three elevators located directly across from the unit and the apartment door was later located on top of an elevator car four storeys below.
“We were told it was a stove explosion so initially we probably thought it might be natural gas, but it turned out it was chemicals; acetone, other chemicals that appear to be used for making drugs,” Toronto Fire Platoon Chief Kevin Shaw told CP24 Tuesday morning.“It was a pretty substantial explosion that pretty well wrote the entire condo unit off.
Read more:

Other sources also carried reports.

CTV News
It happened inside a sixth-floor condominium unit on East Liberty Street, just before 6:30 p.m. Toronto Fire Services say the impact from the blast blew ...

Some jumped on the story talking about disclosure of what happened in the building and stigma that may stay with the property.  

In bold type this headline is contained here;

Today, your condo is worth less than it was yesterday. Fact…sorry. 

While everyone is entitled to  their opinion the reality will take longer to play out.  The Residents Association came together as a community and posted an update of their own.

 at 4:55pm · Toronto issued a statement
Fellow Liberty Villagers’,
As many of you know, there was an explosion that occurred last night at 85 East Liberty St. (an official member of the LVRA), on the sixth floor. While the cause of the explosion is still under investigation, it seems clear that it involved illegal activities and the occupant has now been charged.
Liberty Village is an incredibly close-knit community and we are fortunate that no one was seriously injured and the physical damages, considering the seriousness of the blast, are only to things and not people. This is, undoubtedly, a very scary experience for many affected and we encourage you to continue to reach out and give assistance to your neighbours as emotional and psychological trauma is also a very real possibility.
We are very happy that the community used the LVRA Facebook page to communicate with each other and share important and verified information. This tool alleviated many people’s concerns for their friends and family - making sure everyone was safe and sound. This is a sad incident, but we take comfort in that fact that it is isolated and our community reached out in a way and with a volume that very few communities do - especially condo communities. Of this we should all be proud.
The Board of the LVRA is committed to making Liberty Village the best Urban Village in Canada, and this only reconfirms our direction and belief in the importance of a connected community and knowing your neighbours. Of course, none of this happens without the buy-in of our community and that thanks goes completely to you for participating in and believing in the same vision.
The Board of Directors
Liberty Village Residents’ Association

Have there been high profile drug labs in other upscale Toronto condominiums?   Yeah of course they are there.

Officers interrupted a cocaine cookup with a high-risk armed takedown early Monday, arresting three people and seizing more than $1.3-million worth of drugs.
They were cooking crack cocaine, "the scourge of the streets," Police believe the sixth-floor unit of the Fort York Blvd.-Fleet St. tower was also used to process methaphetamines -- also known as speed.
Police were surprised at the "significant amount ... a variety we haven't seen in a long time, especially in an upscale condo."
It is a reality of URBAN living that there will be infestations of all varieties.  Crime and vermin.  Units continue to be sold in and around Fleet Street and Bathurst without much ado.   

The aftermath

The building (LV) will need to be inspected to determine if repairs are required. The Board of Directors and the Management company have an obligation to restore / repair the building without delay.  The insurance companies will pay and then sue the  responsible parties.  If the Tenant or Owner had sufficient insurance coverage to indemnify the building.

If there are lawsuits; the Condo Corporation must disclose these lawsuits. The Condo corp will need to also disclose the need for long term repairs if required. Anything else is speculation.

Will the values decline?

I highly doubt that....   a few months from now it will be but a memory.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Many Mortgage Brokers are overlooking a lead generation gold mine!

If you’re not a professional online marketer, Web programmer or active blogger — and most mortgage agents are not — the term search engine optimization (SEO) is intimidating. You know it is really important to how your website attracts potential clients, but you may not know how to make that happen.

One foundation is links.  Quality links that take people back to your online presence.

You need to provide Content on your site and blogs with explanations and details about the services you provide.  Best Delivery?   Video.

Mortgage Brokers need to learn SEO skills or pay someone to do this for them. Investments of $800 to $1,000 per month for SEO is not uncommon.   A turn Key website could be acquired for $1,500 - $2,500 depending on the complexity of design.

Get started!   Others are already running!

Check our affiliate marketing page.

#Toronto #Ontario

Friday, October 10, 2014

Purchase a Private Seller

I recently received an email from a person who was going to buy through me a few years ago but then changed their mind. They sent me an email asking for some help. One of their kids bought a house in Oakville.

The deal is now firm, and wanted me to find out more about it. 

I sent her an email saying that his agent should have provided him with all the information. 

She let me know that it was a private sale and even the lawyer was wondering why the sellers wanted to sell so quickly. 

Guess they should have used an agent.

With no representation on either side, there is no one to hold accountable.

When you buy you can have;
Your deposit is insured when held by a real estate company.
A Home Verified Report of PAST insurance claims.
Purchase Ownership History
Do a Home Inspection
Home Systems Insurance is available for Appliances and Wiring / Plumbing
Ask about things Buried in the ground ( tanks or septic)
Ask About Wiring Knob and Tube
Are there any items contain in or on the property that will impact getting insurance or financing?
Has Anyone died in the home?
Was it ever used for Notorious Means?

Don't you ask?
I do.... everytime. At the offer in person.
Call me

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How quick did you sell?

It was a dark and stormy night....

You locked your keys in the car. You are holding all your purchases.  It's raining. You called someone to open the car door.  Rescue Me!

You find a service that will do a late night call out to your location; it will take an hour to get there and find you.  You wait impatiently.

They showed up and fix your problem.  Why are you NOW pissed that their job was completed in just 10 minutes and they want $150 just for showing up?

How is the speed of the job related to value?

Often in real estate, when people are selling their Toronto homes [we are firmly in a Seller's Market] I meet with the Vendor's to discuss Selling, Staging, Presentation, Photography and the newest Digital Phenom; Video Marketing.

The sign goes up.

A bevy of people storm through the property.   We are holding offers for seven days.   The Kids are crated and SHIPPED off to granny's house for a week.

Offer night arrives and there are 3 interested parties, panting to Pitch their Clients as new owners.  I ask you to be patient as we interview each agent and ask?   Are they qualified to Buy? Have they been approved for a mortgage?  How Many homes have you seen?  Is this their final and best offer?

In reality everything comes down to Capacity, Ability and Intent to close on the transaction. Do we need to add Seller's Insurance?

Thats why we explain everything at the beginning of our relationship.

David Pylyp
647 218 2414

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seller does not warrant the retrofit status of the ‘in-law" suite

What does that mean? I have been saying for years, many homes may have two or more kitchens. That does not make them legal basement apartments nor does a disclaimer that retrofit status need not apply. Need proof?

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), the body that licenses and governs real estate agents, is cracking down on representatives who advertise two-unit homes without making clear whether the second unit — usually a basement apartment — is legal.
Many agents typically use wording such as, “Agents and seller do not warrant legal retrofit status of in-law suite.” Descriptions like this could disappear in the wake of two recent decisions of RECO discipline panels.
Dan Plowman has been a successful real estate agent in Whitby, Ont. for 25 years. Last year, he listed a property, describing it as having “income potential” with “separate entrance/in-law suite.” The MLS listing for the property included the disclaimer that “we do not nor does the seller warrant the legal retrofit status of the ‘in-law suite’.”
That wording, however, did not appear on Internet listings, or on
Wording like this is common in the real estate industry and is generally understood to mean that the basement suite is not legal. In my experience, Plowman’s listing used wording that thousands of Ontario agents have used and continue to use.
In a RECO discipline hearing, Plowman faced charges of acting unprofessionally by including information in an MLS listing which was either false, inaccurate, misrepresentative or misleading to consumers.
It was alleged that he failed to take steps to verify the legal status of the basement suite so that the appropriate language could be used in the MLS listing and available to consumers.
In an agreed statement filed at his hearing in June, Plowman admitted that he breached several sections of the RECO Code of Ethics and was fined $5,000.
Clearly this was meant to cover the owner from potential liability.  The agent thought he did that properly, as you cannot use the income to qualify for your mortgage as the declared use on the offer is still Single family residential.

What do you think? Fair or deceptive?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pets in your Condo - What will they do about your cat?

The judge noted that the Board had a “duty to act fairly in making a decision that affects the rights, privileges or interests of an owner.” 

Condominium Decisions are not made in a vacuum but Condominium purchasers also need to know that rules exist to be enforced; not bend by exemption.

If the building is no pets;  OTHER owners purchased there under that understanding.

In a recent Alberta case, Condominium Plan No. 762 1302 v. Stebbing, the condominium corporation was unsuccessful in its attempt to have a cat removed from the property.  The condominium by-laws provided that no animal or pet was permitted without the approval of the board, which approval could be arbitrarily withheld and if given, could be withdrawn upon 15 days’ notice. The by-laws also provided that the Board could request removal of any animal that is deemed a nuisance or annoyance.
Ms. Stebbing, the owner, had made Board approval of her cats a condition of the purchase of her unit.  She was under the mistaken impression that approval had been granted at the time that she purchased her unit.  Everything was fine for a couple of years.
After more than two years the Board demanded that Ms. Stebbing‘s cats be removed on the basis that no consent had been obtained. The Board had received complaints from some owners who were allergic to cats, although no specific complaint was directed at Mrs.  Stebbing’s cats. There were a number of pets in the condominium, some of which had approval and others that did not.  When Ms. Stebbing refused to remove her cats the condominium commenced a court application.
The judge noted that the Board had a “duty to act fairly in making a decision that affects the rights, privileges or interests of an owner.”  In view of the fact that the Board had allowed this situation to exist for some time and subsequently changed its position the Court considered whether the Board’s behavior was oppressive or unfairly prejudicial. “Pets are not simply chattels.  Compliance with Section 67 of the [Alberta Condominium Property] Act in this case requires balancing the inconvenience and discomfort suffered by other residents with depriving another of the comfort and companionship a pet affords its owner.  It is not simply a case of the Board always siding with an owner with allergies.” The judge further noted that the 15-day removal provision in the by-law should be reserved for extreme cases.
At the end of the day the court did not make any finding on whether the Board’s conduct was oppressive or unfairly prejudicial.  Instead the judge made a declaration that Ms. Stebbing’s cat (one had previously passed away) was in breach of the condominium by-law as written consent had never been obtained, but he stayed enforcement until the cat died or was relocated by the owner.
This case illustrates that if a Board delays in enforcing the condominium documents, it risks finding that a provision may not be enforceable against a particular owner.  If the board becomes aware of any breach of the condominium documents, it must act promptly and consistently in taking any enforcement steps.
However the Board should be consulting with legal counsel if there are any possible human rights considerations at play, as the Board’s duty to enforce the condominium  documents must be balanced with its duty to accommodate persons with disabilities.  Matters  of this nature will  need to be reviewed with legal counsel on a case-by-case basis.  Readers can refer to many of our previous blogs that deal more specifically with human rights issues.
- See more at:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How can you protect yourself from dishonest sellers?

Yes, Home Sellers do mask defects
Yes, you can protect yourself.

You can create a viable buffer with these two powers.

Dishonesty cost  sellers a bundle - and thankfully, the listing Agent saved their real estate company from bearing the brunt.

Home Verified Reports from GEOWarehouse are available to explain what INSURANCE history may have occurred at that address.

Have there been any claims for fire, flood or theft?  Wind or Storm damage and especially any criminal activity.

Home Buyers Insurance 

Dishonesty cost these buyers Nothing.  With Home Insurance available from CHS Safe Close TM  
You are protected from irrecoverable costs related to Premium Home Systems and Appliance Breakdown for a 6 month period commencing 15 days post the closing of the sale.

Simply put, you are not only covered for appliances, you are also covered for major systems like your Central Heating System, Built in Wall Units, Central Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Interior Plumbing, interior Electrical or Owned Hot water Heater.

This exclusive offering is only available when you purchase your home with the David Pylyp Home Buying Team TM.   Insurance is provided by Rhodes and Williams Limited.

Call for details today. 647 218 2414

Are you over 55? Time for a serious conversation

We need to do some serious planning and in doing so, I need to ask you some personal questions so that I can better help you.

  • Why did you buy your present home?
  • How many rooms in your house regularly do you use?
  • If your home was suddenly GONE! would you rebuild?
  • What are your TOP 5 retirement lifestyle goals?  Is a large family home one of them?
  • How long do you want your income to last?

In answering these questions and more; we can 

1) Connect with you to better understand 
2) Do research for your options
3) Communicate these solutions
4) WIFM?  I Write the business.

#Callme #yyz   #transforming #realestate

David Pylyp
647 218 2414

Friday, September 12, 2014

Can Do Mortgages How much can you afford?

With so much self serve information it's important to get the right details.

You can determine how much of a home (mortgage) you can afford by considering your income and adjusting for expenses.  Adjusting your down payment amount will impact your overall purchase price.   

Calculate what your saving will be when renewing your mortgage;   REMEMBER your savings will be over 5 years, the new term of your mortgage.

How much mortgage Can you afford

Using the Mortgage Qualifier displayed here permits you to calculate different scenarios ADDING maintenance fees and taxes, into the budget calculations to forecast realistic expenses.

Using an Independent Mortgage Broker shops your mortgage application to the mortgage finance market.  Brokers are actually bidding for your business.    Why take the standard renewal from your existing lender without comparing what others can save you! is just such a renewal service.

Your family deserves the best you can provide.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That's all they can afford to pay..... Toronto Real Estate Crisis


Widow with 3 adult sons remained in the family homestead of 40 years.  The growing needs of being a senior now require a single floor for mobility and less snow shovelling or house / lawn maintenance. Its expensive to heat the 4 bedroom house for one person. She expressed her interest to change to a condominium with her BFF [who was previously a REALTOR ® ] Smartsizing*   

There was a swift introduction to a Friend of the BFF. [bird dog]

He took her out a few times to look at condos, and then reminded her that she was obligated to him.  The sons are all past clients of mine.  The sons recommended that she contact me about her needs.

BUT ... She felt obligated.

They settled on a condo unit and a closing date. The home was listed for sale at $XXX.   Toronto, Ontario, Canada's real estate market for detached homes is firmly a SELLER's Market. After a few days on the For Sale, he asked What will you take...    What's your final price.  What's your lowest price?

She finally responded to the questions with...  "I will not take less than $YYY"

An offer from a showing appeared exactly at $YYY and the agent sheepishly added;

But thats all they can afford to pay....

The agent double dipped the seller on the detached home and sold a condo.

The family suspects that the Widow [their Mom] was shorted [duped] out of about 10% of the homes value by an unscrupulous agent. We all want a trust relationship, transparency and fiduciary duty to our clients. Mom doesn't believe she was manipulated.

"Happy Buyer" and a "Happy Seller" means that there is no ethical complaint against this realtor.  BUT should we sit by and permit this?   We talk about raising the bar in real estate transactions then find stories like this are more common.

What would you do?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear John; Its over between us!

Dear John,
I love you, I really do.
Its me
Its not you
You call me late at night and ask questions
You want things explained
You want neighbourhood details and perspectives
Deep personal back ground info
You want property histories.... What sold on the street? How was it inside?
I know you are seeing properties with other agents.

Stop the denial.
We need to sign a Buyer's Agency or I refuse to be your emotional information center and data bank anymore....
I cannot handle the late night emails and phone calls that demand immediate attention without your mutual commitment.
You tell me.....
I cannot commit to you without your commitment to me.


It's over between us...  I cannot handle the lies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lawyers giving Condo Advice

When you purchase a resale condo suite you receive a Status Certificate that explains the Financial position of the Condominium Corporation.
a) What are they expected to spend Capital Projects (Forward Plan)
b) Are they being sued?
c) Are their Finances stable IE Borrowings vs Special Assessment
d) Percentage of Rentals vs Owners
e) Rules and Regulations you will need to adopt.
f) Is the Owner up to date with their fees and what do they pay
g) Confirmation of Locker and Parking descriptions.

They will provide you all Insurance Documents, Rules and Regulations, and most recent AUDITED Financial Statements.  You now have these on a CD and in Print; You take them to your lawyer....

Lawyer today told a Buyer;  "That condo isn't a good deal because their Annual budget is in deficit."    UMMMmmm Really....  My response?   "Yer stupid".

Building Budget Held Meetings (the Board of Directors and Management Company) for what they expect to spend; planning Diligently. This creates the amount to calculate your maintenance fees.

If we spend $100 more than anticipated on anything ( legal fees, repairs, a few snapped parking control gates)  WE WILL BE IN DEFICIT. 

If a condo is adhering to their Reserve Fund Study, {depositing the correct amount quarterly each year and earning interest}  and the audits have been done.... [by accountants who manage and accounting firms who audit PLUS the engineers who calculate the remaining economic life of system components] there is generally not a lot to discuss.

WTF  [who legal term] are you to decide an annual operational deficit means its a poorly run building and you recommend your buyer skip it.

A financial statement takes a snapshot at a particular calendar date. (Usually Dec 31st year end) Are you overdrawn during TAX time?   Uhhuh   Now pick up that book on accounting practices are review Financial Statements paying careful attention to the Source and Application of Funds.  ( what we collected, what we spent / did with it) 

If the building is deficit or surplus it is carried forward (and paid) into the next year. It is not a VISA card.  Its a running balance.

In this case, the Buyer is changing Lawyers. or the Building could have a sale that show DFT [Deal Fell Through]  when asked the agents would say Financial Statements of the Condo Corp.  Depending on their KLOUT their voices might carry, damaging the financial resale and viability of the building.

Please work with people who understand...  Your road will be so much smoother.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When the Average Sale at $1.0MM What do you get?

The average sale of a detached home within the City of Toronto is now at One Million Dollars. Market Watch for June 2014 shows average sale at $943k.
Average selling prices varied across the Greater Toronto Area, depending on geography and home type. A detached home in the City of Toronto sold, on average, for $943,055. In the surrounding GTA regions, the average detached price was $648,439. The average price for condominium apartments was $401,809 in the City of Toronto and $307,307 in the surrounding regions.
That means that the home you bought for $500k only 10 or 12 years ago has doubled and you are able to sell to fill your family needs going forward.

You are also in your power earning years.
You are prepared to pay the Toronto Land Transfer Tax on this purchase.
Interest Rates at 3% Fixed for 5 years make this very comfortable 

We are all waiting for the retirees to finally sell!  BUT, they are making their homes more comfortable [especially when compared to retirement home costs.]  Housing Inventory (the number available for sale) has declined about 10% per year since 2005 forcing more competition among shoppers.

So let's have a quick look at what was sold in the last 45 days in west Toronto detached and semi detached houses. What was actually PAID in the last few weeks.

You do need to sign in to get this PDF  but we do have a No Stalking Rule. 
Millionaire Monday   What sold in the last 60 days WEST Toronto   Better Still...  Let's update #MillionaireMondays on Twitter. 

Now that you have decided to sell....  What will be buy?  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Realtor TWARTS Terrorism in Toronto

Real Estate Agent David Pylyp single handedly Stopped a Terrorist enterprise from occurring in a sleepy west end suburban community.

" I realised that renting to "these people" was problematic when they completed the Individual Identification Record supplied by the Canadian Real Estate Association.  I was paying close attention to the television ads that promote diligence and using a REALTOR® "

David Pylyp explained  "We had already signed the Agency Acknowledgement, Working with a Realtor Brochure, Explained and Signed the Buyers Representation Agreement when I was completing the updated 4 page Individual Identification Information Record. This is where FINTRAC needs to know where your deposit monies came from and who is really buying or renting the house."

Normally people would shake hands and come to an agreement to Buy or Sell, even rent a property in Toronto,  but thank fully we have FINTRAC.

David explains; "By Identifying a HIGH RISK Foreign Citizen or Resident that operates in a HIGH RISK Country or OTHER I have helped twart terrorism."

This is sarcasm in case its not evident
The form however is rather insulting to any INVESTOR or Non Resident who is welcome to buy here in Toronto for investment and Safe Haven, yet this 4 page tree killer will sit in some filing cabinet, in a real estate office for seven years.

We do welcome investment in Toronto; there is just extra paperwork.  I will be pleased to help you with that.  But we need these forms.

Sorry,  we're Canadian.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Toronto Market Observations May 2014

Toronto Summer 2014

Yes, sales are up, again, by a staggering 19% in Toronto! The average price of a detached home in the 416 is pushing a million dollars.

The number of detached homes sold last month were 1300 with a year over year appreciation of 13% in value.

[Flash back 4 years]   Same Media Perspective.

Sales in the 905 are selling 3 times as many for houses with 3,500 units but the individual price is averaging $645K.  Simply put, you are driving till you can afford it. 

Sales in tony neighbourhoods like Roncesvalles Village and Bloor West only numbered  57 and 91 units respectively fueling multiple offers approaching $966,000 as an average sale.

While the House Prices are up, Condo prices are flat with values that reflect 2009  pricing as more units become available.

Skyrocketing house prices are forcing more first-time buyers into condos, just to get a foothold in the housing market; only 53% of Toronto home buyers can afford detached houses.

Why is the number of average homes declining?

Seniors (Baby Boomers) are not selling but are instead IMPROVING and Renovating their homes for a long term ownership and are sitting on their real estate assets. This further constricts the supply.

Rentals are also softening their prices with a vacancy rate of 1.5% but bare in mind 70% of Condos in Toronto are Owner Occupied. (MacLeans)

There is a huge pool of singles, both young and old that live alone. Condos feed that need and lifestyle. Although sales numbers seem high, this market is in temporarily oversupply. In a few years time there will be fewer and the dynamic changes again.

If you would like to discuss what's happening in the Toronto Real Estate Market I invite you to add your comments here.

If you would like to buy or sell Give me a call.

647 218 2414
I answer my own phone

David Pylyp

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do it Yourself - Toronto

Doing Everything yourself Could save you money, usually it is time consuming and nets a poorer result.

Family Law Court in Ontario is CLOGGED with unrepresented litigants because of the expense of using lawyers.  with that comes a lack of proper process, forms, disclosure, obligations and the ever present; I didn't KNOW I was supposed to do that! 

Can you imagine how our legal systems would be clogged with Self negotiated real estate transactions, private buyers and private sellers neglecting time lines and waiver needs.  Did you cancel that contractor?   Did you pay cash for that roof repair?

At some point DIY and Home Handyman Have some strings attached.  

I'm just reading an article here from Legal Matters, the fact that everyone wants to do everything themselves. I was very surprised, Very Surprised to learn, that in Family Law in Ontario, 75 to 80% of all the work done in court is self represented.

Unrepresented Applicants and Respondants

It makes me understand why long term career lawyers like Stan Gelman [in Mississauga] have opened up "do it yourself" assistance programs.

So we're trying to save money everywhere; by doing everything ourselves.

In the family law case everything is delayed, claimants argue they didn't know, Financial Statements are not done properly, things are handled in a ... [SLOPPY] fashion.  They are not paying attention to the timelines; they are always in trouble with the court. The Judge has to adjudicate the merits of each case that is delayed before they get to mediation or a decision. Transcripts are need and typed. [DARP]

Now WHAT IF  we were to apply those same standards to each and every real estate transaction in Toronto. Let's have every house Sold " For Sale By Owner" and Every Buyer is a By Owner Purchaser, and they are all out on their own arranging their financing, inspections and insurance.

..and Mortgage.

Can you see what's happening here?

There are claims right now that lowest interest rate available is 1.99%. Thats a variable rate that's very exciting..  but there are conditions involved.  There are indeed some strings attached to the  1.99%   Variable Rate program at IG 

There is always "Some Strings Attached".  If you would like to have a candid conversation;

Give me a call.  I'm available at 647 218 2414 
Or of course, You could do all of it yourself.

David Pylyp Sales Representative
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage