Monday, March 17, 2014

We all want visitors But we want the Phone to ring more!

You built websites, you populated blogs, you have attributed the photo's online with all the right keyword strategy, yet STILL the sign ins and Hits have dropped off. You study the Analytics, installed HOT spot observations, where are consumers looking on that page?

The back bone of your referral business has dried up...

What's happening?

Consumers, shoppers are no longer searching online and especially not for you.

They decide they are looking for a house, search out all the pertinent details about that neighbourhood and community, they search all the available listings; and then TALK WITH THEIR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE to gleen referrals from their friends and Social Media circle. Then they contact a realtor.  Agents are recommending agents they met in social media chatrooms...  Facebook Forums and Linked IN Topic rooms. I follow you on Twitter.

The people that are being recommended ....  Are they Good?  Experienced? Better than average agents?

Maybe, Maybe Not.

They are however being referred the business based on their likeability online. 

We all want to date the cheer leader....    but we need to be out belly to belly, meeting people so that in our sphere of influence, our circle will recommend us as the best suited to buy or sell that house.

You hand out Video reviews of your past success

Now you need to turn off that computer, and go meet people face to face.

If you need someone in Toronto ON Canada    Think of me.