Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Toxic Loans in Ontario

That Toronto Home owner's could be thrown for such hardship in just 4 weeks speaks to how over extended we truly are;

Check this out:
  • Over half (54%) of homeowners have asked their lenders for mortgage assistance, like payment deferral, according to a Forum Research poll. Says mortgage broker/blogger Rob McLister in response: “Given 60% of homeowners have mortgages, that’s the majority of people with mortgages. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around that high of a number given most people have jobs and fallback resources…But suffice it to say, a lot of people feel they’re in need of mortgage help.”
  • Six per cent of people have already missed a mortgage payment, while 14% of renters couldn’t pay their landlords. (Over half of all renters asked for relief.)
  • Somewhere between 600,000 and a million homeowners have requested, and received, six months of payment deferrals. This is costing the banks close to $1 billion in monthly cash flow, and all of that money is being added to the debt that families will have to finance.
  • One bank alone – CIBC – has approved 250,000 deferrals and payments on $20 billion worth of home loans, credit cards and LOCs. The woman in charge of banking operations is frank. She calls it “toxic.”  https://www.greaterfool.ca/2020/04/21/no-good-choice/

If you struggled to make your payments before; how will you handle these changes in priorities, inflation, increased expenses and probably increaseed interest rates?

Time to refinance?


Better call Vee Thompson    Hurry.   

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Toronto area Realtor taps technology to keep going during coronavirus pandemic

What's happening in Toronto Real Estate? 

OPEN HOUSES have been restricted
More PRIVATE showings
Social Distancing Increasing making Virtual Showings more important

iPad for Registrations
All feature Sheets Electronic Distribution
QuickPage Communication and Information

Fewer Listings Means Less Transactions.
Financing is ToughER. Appraisals are critical.
Sellers try to hold Offers and Appointments

Demand for Rentals will shift as
People PIVOT from AIRbnb
Students need less Housing with Online Classes
Rentals will be in competition over Caribana and PRIDE

Strong Prices and Inflation are inevitable.  
Everything is more expensive.

EXPECT More Showings like this;

Call 647.218.2414   Social Distancing on the Phone or Video Call. 

Facetime or http://Calendly.com/davidpylyp
Serving Toronto and Etobicoke for 30 years.

Intended to solicit those who are displeased with their current living arrangement.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Stay Relevant with Virtual Open House during Covid 19

Tough to stay relevant in a world that is changing by the hour.

That's just one of the challenges on our doorsteps during COVID-19  The New way to see Real Estate is the Virtual Open House. In the Toronto  GTA, I can do this for you.


 #Toronto #realestate  #Virtualopenhouse 

The story is now about hygiene at OPEN HOUSES and how COVID-19 has changed sanitation standards, including the availability of clean toilets and handwashing stations is astonishing: 

Will you provide wipes?
Hand Sanitizer ?
Rubber Gloves? 

This creates an entirely different conversation during your sale. 


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Property Sales go virtual as work around Covid-19

If you need to sell your home or condo;

I’m the guy who does his job.  I do the virtual open house tours.  #Toronto #virtualopenhouse.

People see your home safely online. They inspect every nook and cranny.

They make an offer with a clause for physical inspection.

You vacate the property for that day.  We disinfect the door knobs and surfaces.

The buyer comes in, verifies what they have seen in the Virtual Open House tour and signs off on their conditional offer.

Easier to see the Virtual Open House 24 hours a day and share the URL. 

Call for appointment 647 218 2414 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Virtual OPEN HOUSE Toronto

Now you understand that you don't need to go there
Save that time, travel and #besafe

Exteriors can be added; Those are the 360° 's in the balcony windows No one need to go inside until there is an offer. Call today

647 218 2414
or book with Digital Imaging Toronto.com