Monday, February 25, 2013

Land Transfer Tax makes RED HOT impact on Toronto Real Estate

The sales are up? The sales are down? Prices are falling? Who says? Are there more listings?

Lets look at the details;

There were 2,081 sales of detached homes in the Toronto GTA that encompasses the Toronto real Estate Board.   In case you missed the details, 3 times as many home buyers selected a home in the 905 rather than the 416.  This same ratio continues in all categories except condos. If there was ever a more glaring example of inequity it is the ADDITIONAL Land Transfer Tax. Previous conversations; CD HOWE reports on Land Transfer Tax Impact 

Lets examine the AVERAGE DOLLARS

I am not a statistician but average means AVERAGE. The average house sale in Toronto was up 2.7% for a sale price of $ 765,000 on 502 units.  [ Before everyone gets on a TITHER on t How can people afford a house program just check out this link...  Average is actually $270K ]   Sales in the 905 were TRIPLE for the same period and their prices increased 6.8%

So when people say: Is the market up or down?

We can say condo prices in Toronto are down almost 5% over last year but prices have adjusted only by One Percent. Detached homes are up 4.8%  SO really there was no change at all. The number of listings has been slow to feed the demand of Toronto Home Shoppers and we will continue to see Bidding Wars.  

Ready to get started?  Teaching your child to ride their bicycle inside the underground parking garage or in the hallway is not the same as being on the street in front of your own home.

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