Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Going To Traffic Court

I have spent a fair amount of time in Toronto Traffic court recently;
People who are facing charges hire licensed paralegals to get up and talk for 30 seconds. OK maybe a minute before they are cut off by the judge.

Lets examine that. You hired a paralegal to do what you have no experience doing, have never done before, because you don't know the law, and repercussions can be damaging financially to your financial position, insurance company and driving record.

This expense is easily $250 - $400 for that one or two minutes and you are not guaranteed anything.
Mr Data, Can you form a premise? It is possible to do everything right and still lose.    Picard

Yet with selling your own home and the size of that event; you want to stick a sign in your front lawn and invite strangers, hucksters, barter negotiators [take my boat as a down payment] ( I'll give you post dated cheques for the closing.... currently in litigation)

What is the FSBO's Logic?

The Buyer, with a professional buying agent, has a gauge of value, the ability to compare, examine all available properties in detail, the luxury to sit back and evaluate, discuss strategy and then prepare an offer.

It is now in the Sellers Hands.

It is not my job to explain things to you.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Have they denied you a Mortgage? You already pay HUGE rent!

We all want to own our own home;  Its an emotional issue.  Belonging.  Stability. Your refuge.  Your own lawn or Balcony away from the world. This is Human Nature and one of the BIGGEST draws about coming to Canada.  

The New dynamic of Contract Employment and Now YOUR responsibility to remit taxes is creating a strata of Strong Income Earners who are paying very high rents to live in Toronto, [ yes albeit in modern clean well appointed new condo developments,] that may have missed a payment or two, missed a filing deadline, still have a student loan, become divorced or simply had a reversal of fortune that dramatically changed their circumstances and the CREDIT BUREAU report. 

You are ready to start a family and your needs are changing.  We need to look at this differently. Let's Get your credit repaired and Go Buy you, your own place, so you can stop feeling like you are throwing your money away on rent.

If you are in the Toronto GTA, I would like to meet with you.

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Of course;   You could just call 647 218 2414

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pre Appointment Homework?

Before meeting someone in person, today's Home Sellers have the advantage of interviewing applicants online.  A Video Post card arrives.

What was previously a print package including samples of past sales crusades and puffery about past achievements, why I was the Best Agent at My Mother's Kitchen Table [*only my Mother was surveyed]

Like everything in life that looks so easy...  It takes some skill and practice to avoid unknown and unexpected pitfalls.  Planning and Preparation is essential.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Improve your sales Price with NEW Hardwood Flooring

Liz Manore, from the Company of Organizers, does a wonderful job to repurpose your existing contents when staging a home but sometimes you plainly need to make hard dollar improvements prior to listing the house for sale.  With this in mind we contacted a well known flooring company.

In my ongoing efforts to provide you with value added service I have joined forces with Roman Mamalyga of Canadian Floor Coverings for an exceptional offer. Roman has been providing quality flooring solutions and professional sales, service and installations in the greater GTA for over 25 years. They are recognized as a leader in the flooring industry in both the residential and commercial applications.

We are pleased to offer an additional 25% off all flooring products PLUS an additional 25% off all service and installations or a deferred payment installation program to assist your sale. * please call Roman Mamalyga for details at 416 938 0648

Let's get started today!

Call David Pylyp for a jump start on your home search!   Where will your search take us?  Your contact for New Listings in West Toronto.

Toronto has 118,000 Millionaires!

How do we rank as a Country compared to others?

Where do the wealthiest want to live in Toronto?   Ahh   That is a good question. 


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