Sunday, March 29, 2015

Your Real Estate agent Earns $1,000 per hour

What absolute poppy cock!

If I was earning $1,000 per hour (better than the Bay Street lawyer who abandoned his flooded Ferrari) do you think I would be preparing your artwork and property brochures, Running to Business Depot to bind booklets and print evaluations;  Taking Video classes in editing and your virtual tours almost by candlelight?

Do you believe I would be standing outside houses on weekends presenting multiple offers?

No, but it sounds sensational doesn't it!

Do you want a recruit who license is from last Wednesday handling your real estate transaction? Well, they are on a salary.

No, You want a seasoned experienced ethical and proven agent.

Because in reality, we have talked and planned for months, painted and staged, inspected and tested, long before the sign went on the lawn.

Let's put some truth back in Real Estate.

David Pylyp
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Buyers Target Private Sellers because they save more!

When does it pay to go after a Private Sale or Mere Listing?

When they are negotiating for themselves..

“The average reduction from the private seller’s asking price and the price paid was 8.7% which is a significantly larger discount than the market average of just under 5% over the same period.
“Several people said that they actually targeted private sales because they knew they would buy more cheaply if they didn’t have to negotiate through a professional agent and in a couple of instances boasted that they had saved more $60,000 by buying privately.

What's the logic of that? 

“In all but two cases the buyers considered that they purchased their property more cheaply because there was no agent involved”, he said.
“When asked if they took into account the fact that the seller wasn’t paying an agent’s fee, every buyer surveyed said yes and that they expected to and in most cases did negotiate this amount and more off the price of the property.
“Several of these buyers even stated that the seller willingly offered up that they would look at a lower price because they weren’t paying an agent.
So if you are selling and you want more; use a full time REALTOR 

David Pylyp   647 218 2414

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Whisper Listings Listings for Luxury Homes

Recently a Hollywood movie star sold her house in a whisper listing.  Yes, You can have a look now at Jennifer 's House   but Toronto has more millionaires per capita than any other city in North America.

So What is a POCKET LISTING?  Simply put, I protect your privacy.

It is a Listing that at this time the Seller has no intention of placing on the open MLS.

These are listings that I sometimes have that are in better closed neighbourhoods.  This may be because of school district or simply pricing. [or the owner's privacy]

We have met at an open house and  a specific buyer that wants this particular subdivision.  There are very few or none available.  I will write and canvas the individual homes for pocket listings.

Notes and Direct Mail; Receiving a few replies will lead to previews of specific properties, that will agree to showing their home discreetly.

These one party signed exclusive [pocket] listing agreements, may prove suitable or may not.  They nevertheless become available inventory to my clients.

What are the advantages?
Some want privacy...
Some do not want the open MLS knowing they are for sale
No people [shoppers] through the property that are unqualified to make the purchase.

Are you ready to be previewed for Whisper Listings?

Call Now....  If its busy call back

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