Sunday, February 24, 2013

DEMAND to have your offer presented in person

You are selling your house.. I want to present my offer in person... 
Why? I represent the interests of the Toronto BUYER and I want to ask these simple questions. 

Was this house every used for Notorious means? Death, Grow Op, Drug House? What else is on this street? REALTORs are required under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act [REBBA] to disclose any “material facts” that could affect the value of a property, including a murder, suicide or suspicious death. Is there anything in this house that would negatively impact my buying decision? Is there anything on or in the YARD of your property that impacts my decision? Maybe a buried Oil tank or septic bed? Is there anything happening in the neighbourhood that should be aware of when considering your home? I should know about new hydro towers, wind turbines. Buying a house is not just sending in a FAX or email Offer. Its getting all the answers so you can make an informed decision Call me 416 233 9000

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