Friday, April 22, 2016

The Dangers Baby Boomer Realtors face

With changes in Technology and Agency You need to keep up or move aside

Nine dangers impacting salespeople range from commissions spiralling downward to having FSBOs evolve into a do-it-yourself model. It also identified “current baby boom salespeople being pushed out” as a danger, suggesting that “after two decades of the Internet, online marketing and mobile technologies, the average salesperson still lags behind where they should be.”

The report goes on to say 

Swanepoel writes, “A growing number of brokerages are not financially sound and, as a result, are reducing the products and the services they provide to their salespeople dramatically… An economic downturn in big cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver that have experienced almost two decades of continuous growth, could result in a large decline in the number of viable real estate brokerages.”
Another danger to brokers is that “technology becomes a runaway train” in which the resources necessary to keep up with changes exceed the average brokerage’s ability to remain competitive.
Other dangers: “The expansion of teams strangle brokerages”, “mere posters and FSBOs create unwanted liability”, “an industry-wide race to the bottom” and “big companies increase dominance.”

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