Thursday, September 27, 2012

Conduct your Own Toronto Real Estate Search - VOW

Homes West Toronto VOW
Yes you now can view every listing on the Toronto Real Estate Board by Map.

The listings are arranged in Price Order but you can create individual searches.

Ready to try?

Sit back with your iPad and search for listings in those communities and neighbourhoods where you would like to live.

You can further search the demographics of the neighbourhood with Hood Reports;  http://Bit.Ly/HoodReports


Let's Go!

Yes, Of Course!   You will need to sign in....

Plays well on my laptop and iPad,  Tell me about your experience using the search functions and different browsers

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lets stop Home Ownership in Canada

Home ownership is family's life - both financially and from a quality of life perspective. You invest in your neighbourhood and community, put down roots, let your equity grow tax free of capital gains. When its paid off or before, you can refinance and pay for weddings or university ( again ) of your cottage.
Home ownership is often connected to the notion of living the "American dream." But it is as much a part of Canadian identity as it is in the U.S.
Indeed, statistics show that the percentage of home ownership in Canada is edging close to 70 per cent, which is actually higher than the ratio south of the border at the moment – 65.4 per cent, a 15-year low, according to the most recent data. Many economists believe the Canadian government has played an active role in spurring home ownership, particularly by forming the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation back in 1946. 
"I don't know that home ownership should be a right and that it should be backed by taxpayer dollars and kind of be the prime mandate of a Crown corporation," says Ben Rabidoux, creator of the Economic Analyst blog, which looks into housing and mortgage trends.

DO you agree that we should all live in government provided housing?  After all, why would you want to be debt free in your house, when you downsize to a retirement home?

Monday, September 24, 2012

How will your estate handle conflict?

So many details to consider, and who has the final say;

When testators are considering the persons that they wish to act as their executors and trustees, consideration should also be given as to the manner in which the persons chosen will make decisions in the event that a disagreement or deadlock emerges among them.
Unless the testator indicates otherwise, executors and trustees must make decisions unanimously.  If a testator wishes to appoint multiple executors or trustees, then consideration should be had as to how those persons will make decisions.  Providing for majority decision-making is a common technique that is used in order to address any disagreements that may arise among multiple executors or trustees, but other situations may require other decision-making procedures.

You need to ask and appoint responsible people to deal with your issues and requests.

I recently learned that if appointed, my heirs, would be responsible to conclude your estate. An incredible and time consuming hardship for the unprepared.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Consumers Can have all the Data; Competition Bureau

The Competition Bureau has been outspoken about Real Estate practices and access to data.  The solution of a VOW may not bring the intended effects.  The Toronto Real Estate Board went for the Hail Mary pass with a procedural Charter Challenge... 

Realtors will send you the history of a street or condo building when requested with merely your Name and Telephone Number directly to your email.  Defending privacy doesn't ring true.
But Vistnes argues more open access would put more information — and power — in the hands of consumers and bring an end to costly and questionable real estate practices.
Making commission agreements public, for instance, might discourage realtors who now refuse to take potential buyers through homes where the owner has negotiated a lower commission, pushing them instead to other homes that may be less ideal but have better payoff.
It would also be more obvious when an agent is engaging in “gaming” — removing a property that’s been languishing on MLS for weeks and reposting it a day later to create the illusion of a new listing, says the report. That can be a red flag to buyers that a home is overpriced.
Consumers would also be able to tell when a realtor has acted as both the listing and the buying agent, a “conflict of interest” that occurs in about 10 per cent of all GTA transactions, says Vistnes, who analyzed several years of TREB’s MLS data.
By denying a new generation of Internet-savvy homeowners and buyers access to information, as travel agents did years ago, realtors remain the only real “gateway” to critical property details, says Vistnes.
“VOWs are not simply a vehicle by which consumers can access raw MLS data and conduct searches. Brokers can also offer VOW-based tools through which consumers can then analyze those data,” says the report.
“VOWs often attract buyers by offering a convenient means to search listings, to learn details about individual listings, to learn how home prices differ by neighbourhood, to see how quickly homes are selling and the extent to which final prices differ from the list prices and, in some cases, by offering a commission rebate.”
There are inaccuracies; 

Realtors acting for both parties are indeed in a conflict of interest. You sign for and specifically acknowledge whether you are receiving Customer Service or Buyer Representation.  The solution is to  Bring your own agent!   Yet, Consumers, feel they will SAVE by using only the Listing Agent. Client or Customer?  

Posting and reposting listings to the MLS system is easily solved when you use your own agent to search the property history and provide an impartial CMA when purchasing the home. 

Undisclosed  closing costs are dealt with in a detailed summary of costs, expenses and proposed funding costs available here.  This is used with each transaction. 

Commission rebates sound wonderful;  What about those listings posted by REALTORS who post one penny or one dollar to selling broker?  The Sellers set the commission payable to selling broker when they list the house.  Listing agents do not necessarily "SPLIT" listing fees equally. No. They may discount their fees to induce you [listings] into a transaction.  We can show you those too....   

Lenders will not permit you to add your purchase expenses, surveys, loan application fees, appraisals,  lawyers fees, land transfer taxes, taxes on CMHC insurance to the purchase price of the  house in addition to Real Estate fees that you committed to in the Buyers Representation Agreement. What do we do when the commission is ZERO? *

I cannot rebate money that is not offered or available.

* It is not my responsibility to explain your options to you as an unrepresented Seller or Mere Listing.  My duty is to get the best deal for my client.

VOWs will permit; an out of Territory Agent to post your home for sale  IE  Windsor or London or Burlington Posted to  They then field those inquiries.  That listing may or may not appear on the Toronto System.  Are all potential Buyers viewing your home?  
More power into the hands of the consumers Yes!  I am in favour of the VOW's. I will post my VOW shortly.  I am also favour of real Brick and Mortar offices where complaints or disputes can be aired, meetings take place, and  live telephone answering occurs.  Those appointment front desks are the lifeblood of getting your listing seen and showings booked.  What services will I continue to provide? 

Personally I think it permits Brokerages /Agents to provide a lower level of service under the pretense of SAVINGS.   More data requires context.   Context needs insight and experience.  That's what I provide.  Add your comments... 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Divorce and Blending Families

50% of unions are ending in divorce.  We are blending families.

You've only been married a few short years and its not working out.

Your home is filled with stress and bitterness...

At one point, you loved each other enough to try marriage.  Planned,  Selected venues. Pledged until death do you part. Now you are praying for the end of time.

Eight causes for divorce, money, alcohol, sex, married too young, religious differences, jealousy, trial and error, and meddling in-laws.

You need a lawyer to ensure [ILA] Independant Legal Advice for each and a realtor who can extract you quietly from your home without staging a Half Off Divorce sale.

Lets Make the most of your money and save your dignity. Let's move on, quietly.

I can help you with this.

David Pylyp
416 233 9000

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Has Toronto real estate HIt the Tipping Point?

Excessive Taxation, Overheated bidding Wars, Lack of Inventory, Inner City Issues, Transit, Tightening Mortgage Rules, Reduced Amortizations, Double Land Transfer Tax in Toronto, Proximity to Employment;

What is your hot button issue?   Have we hit the tipping point for bidding wars?

The Toronto Real Estate market seems to be slowing, pensive, waiting for a sign....  or is that a stall?

TREB figures released mid September;
September 18, 2012 -- Greater Toronto Area (GTA) REALTORS® reported 2,544 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in the first 14 days of September. This result was down by 15 per cent compared to the 2,995 sales reported during the same period in 2011.

“The combination of stricter lending guidelines, rising home prices and the added upfront cost associated with the land transfer tax in the City of Toronto resulted in a slower pace of sales during the summer of 2012 compared to a year ago,” said Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Ann Hannah.

The average selling price for sales during the first two weeks of September was $496,786 – representing an annual rate of increase of more the 9.5 per cent. Average selling prices were up for both low-rise and high-rise home types, including condominium apartments sold in the ‘416’ area code.

The CBC Peter Mansbridge and Crew have interesting conversation.  Worthy of the time investment.   Interesting conversation about employment incomes, spin off employment from construction and rebuttal and how discretionary spending from your personal piggy bank [Home Equity Line of Credit] has been curtailed.

My conversations with colleagues, as we show and inspect houses, is that there is a hesitation and we are starting see price reductions posted on desirable properties.  If you were over priced by 5% you merely waited 5 or 6 months for the market to catch up with your pricing.

What do you think?
Add your comments...

Monday, September 17, 2012

People will do business with you if;

Why should people do business with you?

People will do business with you if;

They like you
They know you 
They trust you

So how do we deal with that?

Cold calls
Spam or Drip Emails
Junk Mail / Flyers

When you meet at an open house or event do you send a personal handwritten Thank you note? Confirm their appointments with a Text?  Or Do you work the room until you have shook every hand with a business card?

Have you asked ...  How is it that I can reach out to you? How can I help?

What we were was doing all those years ago canvassing, was known as cold calling, the unrefined art of slogging through a lists of names either over the telephone or in person in hopes of hitting on someone who might be interested in buying or selling. Interruption Marketing has changed.

I do not want to you to join the DO NOT CALL LIST and keep interrupting you at dinner or when you are putting the kids to bed or Knocking on your door; when you answer with the intercom because of security concerns.

Now, we need to embrace targeted, focused marketing with video.

Social Media has permitted us an opportunity to engage online and have a look at the marketplace for the goods and services we require. Connecting socially is not a metric about Kred or Klout.  Its about suggesting the best course of action for that person, not an extra venue to  blast about your products.

We are trying to fill that need by providing services that better meet your expectations.

How can I help you?  Tell me about it...

David Pylyp
416 233 9000

Accredited Senior Agent
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage

A Special Thank You to Scott Stratten  @UnMarketing for his engagement policies and lessons shared. Also to Gary Vaynerchuk @GaryVee and his insights with the Thank you Economy. It's the technology that blends Social Media with old world connections to the community.  We need to recognize and greet our customers by name.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Needed Immediately; Seekers and Dreamers

Seekers and Dreamers are required immediately for West Toronto houses. 

These houses are being overlooked by those that wish a house prepared for sale by Professional Pillow Fluffers.

If you are serious about rolling up your sleeves; picking through small cosmetic repairs, repainting and stripping dated wallpaper or involving yourself with major structural updates like wiring and plumbing, you could greatly increase your profits in the Etobicoke detached home market.

Trading Broadloom for Hardwood Flooring. Re - sanding Strip floors and planning the renovations yourself will save tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have custom dreams of rebuilding a kitchen, having that SPA style bathroom as an adult retreat, making the ultimate home theatre, building that treehouse for your kids in your own back yard for weekend camp outs;  then we only need to hear your dreams to start you on your personal house shopping adventure.

Specializing with Homes in West Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga,  please call....

David Pylyp
Accredited Senior Agent

416 233 9000

RE/MAX realty specialists Inc   Brokerage

Sunday, September 9, 2012

for Toronto Condominium Investors

If you are concerned about the quality of your investment in Toronto real estate, Why not invest your money in Canada, in Toronto,

We have an excellent opportunity and a buoyant market, with a growing metropolitan area being Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you would like the comfort and return on investment from knowing your money is safe and secure. 

Call me at 647 218 2414,

And we will find and income and investment opportunity for you.

When you purchase a home they not only get bricks and mortar, you buy into a community and lifestyle. You create a nest egg for your future.  Lets make our search specific to your community.

Thank you.