Sunday, February 24, 2013

Does your CONDO use Hotel style Access Cards?

Key Card Access
The concept is simple enough. Technology allows a card (plastic card with magnetic strip) to provide temporary or authorized access to a suite door. The security is good, cards are unique but unmarked. If they are lost or stolen they have no markings that identify their origin.  They cannot be duplicated without authorization and the correct (computer program) device. 

If you are locked out or lost your keys, the concierge staff could provide access and then you merely reorder a replacement door key.

This has obvious advantages for rental properties as keys are passed from tenant to tenant over a number of years and potentially dozens could be in play.  Using cards makes them annually renewable and provides the security of deactivating a number of cards remotely.

When a Suite is placed for Lease or Sale; typically owners provide the key for the CANADA POST mailbox to use in a lockbox (held at Concierge Desk). Agents [THEY] open your mailbox and retrieve the access card. This creates an opportunity for "OTHERS" to read your mail and it could adversely impede your negotiation position. 

Please consider providing and using a FOB. This eliminates one entire step to assist REALTOR showings and still protects your privacy. The Fob is generally programmed for the suite and all common area doors; Gym, Party Room, Billiards etc.

The key itself is maintained in the lock box and Nosey Nellie is not reading your mail.


  1. I just moved into a new apartment and they have key cards that work in the same fashion. Electronic card access system is a great innovation as it makes life easier. When I go out, for example, I know that my apartment's secured because no one else can duplicate my key. When I get back, I don't have to worry if I left my key inside. This system's really convenient. I truly get what I'm paying for.

    Myrtice Savedra

  2. Wonderful Perspective! Not many consider how many previous tenants could still have keys to your unit VS re programming a single card to make only a select few work.

    There are now Toronto Condos that permit you to multitask a key fob for all common doors, the rec centre, gym and party rooms plus your suite door!

    Thank you Myrtice!