Thursday, February 14, 2013

100 Most influential Realtors on Twitter

David Pylyp   Most Influential Agents on Twitter

 Stefan Swanepoel published a list of 100 influential and interesting people within real estate. It’s an interesting list and got a few of us (myself included) a bunch more followers.
twitter-logo_000However, set aside for a minute that he missed a whole bunch of influential people (which he is already revising) the reality is that a lot of people on his list just aren’t that interesting (and many border on being twitter spammers).   If you’re a real estate professional new to twitter and you started following some of those people, I can only imagine twitter would start looking like a big wasteland of crappy tweets.
However, I think a list of influential people could be a really good thing, especially for people new to twitter…  I’ve had this idea for measuring “twitter influence” within a community, and Stefan’s project finally pushed me to build a prototype.   The idea is to measure, as objectively as possible, the influential people within a twitter community.
So what is the criteria I asked myself;

Although I have been published on Huffington Post, the CBC, and Tech Vibes  I haven't  made the list. Real estate sales is about people who do business with you, if they like, know and trust you. Post your reviews... be seen. Etobicoke - Toronto. The real deal with a real office in a virtual world of realtors.  Let me show you what I can do. Toronto / Etobicoke. 

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