Saturday, September 20, 2014

How can you protect yourself from dishonest sellers?

Yes, Home Sellers do mask defects
Yes, you can protect yourself.

You can create a viable buffer with these two powers.

Dishonesty cost  sellers a bundle - and thankfully, the listing Agent saved their real estate company from bearing the brunt.

Home Verified Reports from GEOWarehouse are available to explain what INSURANCE history may have occurred at that address.

Have there been any claims for fire, flood or theft?  Wind or Storm damage and especially any criminal activity.

Home Buyers Insurance 

Dishonesty cost these buyers Nothing.  With Home Insurance available from CHS Safe Close TM  
You are protected from irrecoverable costs related to Premium Home Systems and Appliance Breakdown for a 6 month period commencing 15 days post the closing of the sale.

Simply put, you are not only covered for appliances, you are also covered for major systems like your Central Heating System, Built in Wall Units, Central Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Interior Plumbing, interior Electrical or Owned Hot water Heater.

This exclusive offering is only available when you purchase your home with the David Pylyp Home Buying Team TM.   Insurance is provided by Rhodes and Williams Limited.

Call for details today. 647 218 2414

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