Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do it Yourself - Toronto

Doing Everything yourself Could save you money, usually it is time consuming and nets a poorer result.

Family Law Court in Ontario is CLOGGED with unrepresented litigants because of the expense of using lawyers.  with that comes a lack of proper process, forms, disclosure, obligations and the ever present; I didn't KNOW I was supposed to do that! 

Can you imagine how our legal systems would be clogged with Self negotiated real estate transactions, private buyers and private sellers neglecting time lines and waiver needs.  Did you cancel that contractor?   Did you pay cash for that roof repair?

At some point DIY and Home Handyman Have some strings attached.  

I'm just reading an article here from Legal Matters, the fact that everyone wants to do everything themselves. I was very surprised, Very Surprised to learn, that in Family Law in Ontario, 75 to 80% of all the work done in court is self represented.

Unrepresented Applicants and Respondants

It makes me understand why long term career lawyers like Stan Gelman [in Mississauga] have opened up "do it yourself" assistance programs.

So we're trying to save money everywhere; by doing everything ourselves.

In the family law case everything is delayed, claimants argue they didn't know, Financial Statements are not done properly, things are handled in a ... [SLOPPY] fashion.  They are not paying attention to the timelines; they are always in trouble with the court. The Judge has to adjudicate the merits of each case that is delayed before they get to mediation or a decision. Transcripts are need and typed. [DARP]

Now WHAT IF  we were to apply those same standards to each and every real estate transaction in Toronto. Let's have every house Sold " For Sale By Owner" and Every Buyer is a By Owner Purchaser, and they are all out on their own arranging their financing, inspections and insurance.

..and Mortgage.

Can you see what's happening here?

There are claims right now that lowest interest rate available is 1.99%. Thats a variable rate that's very exciting..  but there are conditions involved.  There are indeed some strings attached to the  1.99%   Variable Rate program at IG 

There is always "Some Strings Attached".  If you would like to have a candid conversation;

Give me a call.  I'm available at 647 218 2414 
Or of course, You could do all of it yourself.

David Pylyp Sales Representative
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage


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