Friday, November 21, 2014

But This is all I can Afford Is not a Negotiation Tool

When I have listings; the Buyers are often coming directly to me.  Most times they have been shown many properties by other realtors.

I want to touch on two points...

You are getting married and you propose to your WIFE to be; You head to the jeweller and express your desire for a ring worthy of your Bride.   The Jewelry Store presents their selections for your Bride to choose.  She steps away.

You hold out your hand and say....  "But... this is all I can afford":

Should they sell it to you?   or Save the Ring for someone else?  

How does this negotiation tactic work when you are buying a house?

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  1. The potential buyer is doing his/her Agent a disservice by not telling the Agent up front I cannot afford to spend more than $X. The offer time is no time to bring that up. My response as the Vendor would be to both the Purchaser and his/her Agent is if all you can afford is way less than what my house is worth, then you have knowingly been wasting all of our time.