Friday, May 23, 2014

Realtor TWARTS Terrorism in Toronto

Real Estate Agent David Pylyp single handedly Stopped a Terrorist enterprise from occurring in a sleepy west end suburban community.

" I realised that renting to "these people" was problematic when they completed the Individual Identification Record supplied by the Canadian Real Estate Association.  I was paying close attention to the television ads that promote diligence and using a REALTOR® "

David Pylyp explained  "We had already signed the Agency Acknowledgement, Working with a Realtor Brochure, Explained and Signed the Buyers Representation Agreement when I was completing the updated 4 page Individual Identification Information Record. This is where FINTRAC needs to know where your deposit monies came from and who is really buying or renting the house."

Normally people would shake hands and come to an agreement to Buy or Sell, even rent a property in Toronto,  but thank fully we have FINTRAC.

David explains; "By Identifying a HIGH RISK Foreign Citizen or Resident that operates in a HIGH RISK Country or OTHER I have helped twart terrorism."

This is sarcasm in case its not evident
The form however is rather insulting to any INVESTOR or Non Resident who is welcome to buy here in Toronto for investment and Safe Haven, yet this 4 page tree killer will sit in some filing cabinet, in a real estate office for seven years.

We do welcome investment in Toronto; there is just extra paperwork.  I will be pleased to help you with that.  But we need these forms.

Sorry,  we're Canadian.

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  1. Love your sense of humour. This new Form is ridiculous. I really have no idea what a terrorist looks like. I'm going to have to go to RCMP school this summer.