Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unaware Consumers are becoming an Endangered Species

The Endless path of opportunity

"I want to sell my rental property in Etobicoke Ontario. We’d like to find a great agent who won’t bait and switch us with over inflated estimates on what our property is worth or unrealistic time frames to sell it; just to get the listing."

So [insert client's name] sets out like they do in their hunt for any other product or service, digging online. Research.

A Google search for “Etobicoke real estate agent reviews”  provided 30 pages of results:

Not all are local Agents, but aggregators, lead sellers, directories and others who market their way into the keyword search online. Some are companies that just advertise listings.

In 2003

  • We found Buyers with Ads in the paper
  • Our daily Tear Sheets were organised into books by district and price.
  • We were gatekeepers of the LISTING content.
  • Yellow Page Advertising was effective.
  • When Door knocking, more people were home and willing to open the door.
  • Flyers had tangible penetration rates.
  • Direct Mail was effective.

Smart consumers

The Web has birthed a new psychographic known as the Smart Consumer. These are people who dig deep into the data points, content, images, video, news and reviews – the things that drive decisions.  They are either effective in their analysis or paralyzed by the myriad choices. 

Five or even three years ago, you might write these folks off as “obsessed”, “power users” or even “NERDS”. Today, with more and better information available, they’re darn near everybody.

Do you look things up in the Yellow pages?

No,  Now You Google it .... Etobicoke Real Estate Agent Reviews

In 2013,
Will you find your clients online?

  • Your Listings are on or Your VOW* provides ALL Listings
  • 88% of Canadians are on Facebook
  • 45% of Twitter Fans Follow Brands
  • 96% of Home Shoppers begin their search online
  • 8 Billion Videos are Viewed on You Tube Daily
  • YouTube is the Second largest Search Engine [only to Google]
  • Post Video Tours and Topical Content to get Viewers [and clients]
  • Web 3.0 Provides interactive Content and immediate contact details

Lets start by making a plan for where you want to be. 

Call me at today  647 218 2414

*VOW  Virtual Office Website   Map Based Listings of Every Listing in Toronto

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