Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Larry the Landlord Bedbugs will Bite

Larry was horrified to find that even though his tenants readily admitted that they infested the apartment unit with bedbugs  It was his responsibility to eradicate the problem.

In a recent issue of the London Free Press, Denise Lash was interviewed as part of a special feature on Bed Bugs in condominium units and who’s responsible for their eradication, entitled “Responsibility to take steps to eradicate the nasty bug goes to the landlord”. Denise discusses how condominium corporations should notify their owners and ensure those owners retain a specialist bed bug eradication company if required.
 “if there are bedbugs in a condominium building, it is advisable for the corporation to inform the owners that there are bedbugs in the building (without stating which unit has the bedbugs due to privacy concerns). Residents should be told to inspect their units, and if found a specialist bedbug eradication company should be contacted”.
 You can read the full article on the London Free Press’s website here.  

It is not only the Individual Landlord but a Condominium Building could very well have the same obligations.

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