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Will Mr Christie's Build Condos?

An excellent article that makes a great pre amble to the Mimico Residents Association piece is a PRINT article from the Star that Talks about densities and how everyone wants 3 bedroom plus den condos obviously that are low rise, but no one wants to pay the freight for building them at today's prices.

As densities in population continue with the MANHATTANIZATION of Toronto density and access and transit issues will impact everyone;

In the section of Mimico being revitalized, a series of dead-end roads sprout off Lake Shore Blvd. and run toward the waterfront. Planners have suggested connecting these cul-de-sacs with a new street running close to the water. But some residents like roads as they are, with children playing ball hockey, and worry any new street will become a beach-ruining thoroughfare.
Planners are generally pro-grid and anti-cul-de-sac — especially near the waterfront. Roads provide “a declaration of publicness,” says architect Michael Kirkland. “Absent a road, there tends to be a phenomenon of privatization, the sense you’re in somebody’s yard.”
But planning consultant Ken Greenberg sympathizes with the worriers. “To be avoided is a continuous thoroughfare that would encourage a lot of traffic bypassing Lake Shore Blvd. and running along the water,” he says. Connecting some of the cul-de-sacs to each other and creating loops — as occurs in the Beach, which some Mimico-ites hope to emulate — is a workable compromise, he believes.
Residents and planners agree that the now-dingy stretch of Lake Shore Blvd. should become a bustling public promenade with nice shops and restaurants. The question is how. “It’s one of the most compelling problems of the late 20th, early 21st century: How do we take streets like that and actually make them interesting and successful?” asks Glover. “It’s a bit of alchemy.”

From the  Mimico Residents Association we have their November Newsletter Update;  All kinds of wonderful details there.  Please follow the article to comment section.


November 2012
Community News

Mimico 20/20 Open House Materials now Available

City of Toronto City Planning staff hosted an Open House event at the Mimico Adult Centre on Thursday, November 8th. There were 20 information panels which presented the consultants' key study findings and conclusions regarding the following areas: Land Use and Built Form, Community Services and Facilities, Heritage Resource Assessment, Traffic Analysis, Servicing and Infrastructure Analysis, Community Energy Plan. To assist with the feedback exercise and for those of you who missed the event, the Open House information panels have now been posted on the City’s Mimico 20/20 Page (or click to download: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Feedback Form). Please take the time to fill in the feedback form and submit it to
Meanwhile, please stay tuned for further consultant report postings and an announcement about the next community consultation event. Contact Matthew Premru ( to be added to the Mimico 20/20 email list for updates.

The MRA has submitted a preliminary response to the emerging Secondary Plan based on our June survey findings.

Read the MRA Response.


NEW MRA Survey on key height/density and open space issues of 20/20 Plan

Since certain key aspects of the Plan were undecided when we conducted our last survey in June, we invite Mimico residents to fill out a very short 6-question survey to indicate your response to the heights, densities and open space network proposed in the emerging Mimico 20/20 Secondary Plan.
Fill out the survey by Wednesday, November 28th.

MRA Letter to Councillor Grimes supporting rezoning of North Mimico - Newcastle/Portland Community

The MRA has submitted a letter to Councillor Grimes to express our concern with the types of businesses that are operating in this area (most notably cement batching plants) in close proximity to the stable residential neighbourhood, and request that Council  re-zone this land appropriately to protect the community’s residents.
Read the complete letter.

MRA Letter to Councillor Grimes regarding Mr. Christie’s closure and potential development proposal

[Excerpt] With closing of the plant the effects on jobs and the community will be immediate, however the plans for massive condominium development on this site will be of grave concern to local residents, who have already expressed clear concern regarding increased density and building heights along Lake Shore Boulevard. The area from the Humber River to Park Lawn Road south of the Lakes Shore is now fully occupied by completed or under-construction tall condominium towers.
Read the complete letter.

MRA Letter regarding the Formation of a Local Appeal Body

[Excerpt] The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) hopes that the formation of a Local Appeal Body will support City Planning frameworks and policies, ensuring that approved development applications are appropriate to the infrastructure and built form of the surrounding area, and providing opportunities for community consultation on special allowances in height and density.
Read the complete letter.

The MRA Board is pleased to welcome  Romana Nazareth as a new Board member.

Romana is a Business Systems Analyst with RBC where she has worked for the past 12 years. She is also a mother of 2 and has been a Mimico resident for the past 7 years.
Romana has always been concerned about and interested in the current and future economic development of the area, as it affects the future landscape of our community. By being involved in the MRA, she wants to be able to assist in promoting a quality of life in the community and also to keep the Mimico residents informed and engaged in issues and what is happening in their community. Romana’s interests are gardening and interior design.

Political or not;  You cannot deny one landowner the right to build condos on the north east corner or Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore [ with buildings immediately along Lake Shore and Lake Promenade towering to 70 stories]  while you have multi density buildings that are residential built out a mere 66 feet away ay Park Lawn and Lake Shore on the west corner.

The City needs to provide solid TRANSIT improvements to service this pocket and as more move it we will continue to see the Lake Shore and Mimico flourishing from the additional pedestrian traffic and diners, restaurants and curio shops.

We could become Yorkville West!

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  1. "Nobody really expects today’s vote to save the Mr. Christie plant: even if the provincial government grants the City’s request, Mondelez is likely to shut it. (They could then sell the land to someone else who wanted to operate a factory, manufacturing site, etc., if they were denied the opportunity to build condos on it.)"