Thursday, May 1, 2014

Coming Soon.... The anticipation of a deal

Shopping for a Pocket Listing?  Only the Listing Agent can show the property?

A listing should be available to show or its not a listing.   
You should be able to book a showing on an exclusive listing.

Coming Soon may be marketing hype for a new or soon to be opened Restaurant on a trendy walking boulevard; but a house for sale on a desired street limits the exposure to a select club of watchers.

What does RECO have to say about "Coming Soon"

If there is a signed agreement between a seller and brokerage (eg. listing agreement) then the notation "Coming Soon" on a yard sign or other advertising would be misleading. Keep in mind that signs/advertisements that advertise properties that are not on the MLS system cannot contain any reference to the MLS system, as this would also be misleading.
If the property is not "listed", a registrant would still have to obtain appropriate written permission from the homeowner to install the sign or advertise, but there would be no impediment to another registrant approaching the seller under this scenario of no services agreement.
Real Estate Council of Ontario
John Burnet, Manager, Complaints, Compliance and Discipline
Real Estate Council of Ontario | 416-207-4857 | fax 416-207-4820| 1-800-245-6910 |

So what is ethical?   The agent's blatant  activity to garner more buyers? Or are they operating and obeying,  serving the LAWFUL instruction of their Seller's.   DO their sellers understand this concept?   

I think its a slippery slope idea myself, that leads to conflict.
What do you think?

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