Monday, December 16, 2013

Winning in a Multiple Offer Toronto

When making a multiple offer on a property we have a form available to Realtors, for the seller to sign, that they have actually seen your offer to purchase.  You will know for certain your offer has been presented.

This may not necessarily get you a sign back, or counter offer, but at least will know for sure that they have been presented with your offer.

I recommend making your offer in person, not by fax or email,  I expect you to be standing nearby, waiting anxiously and including a Letter of Capacity from your bank, that you have the funds available to close on this purchase.

This will make a big difference when compared to other people who are all conditional upon financing and have other obstacles to overcome, like the sale of a property. You can firmly give a date for moving in.

I would like to work with you to make it simple to get your next home.

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