Sunday, December 1, 2013

Condo's Biggest Concern? Maintenance Fees

Ongoing Maintenance costs are the biggest concern for ALL condominium buyers.  The largest categories are Hydro Electric, Heat, Security Staff, Water, Garbage Disposal, Management and then the mandatory  Reserve Fund Contribution  mandated by engineering studies of how long things should last [Remaining Economic Life] Many of these issues are not within the control of the building or management as Rates and Schedules are set by outside parties.

The largest expense by far is Heat and Hydro. In a hi Rise structure we share Common Elements and a garage.  We can eliminate heat as an expense and build in a Condo Building Long Term efficiency tool.   

How? Using a Heat Pump and Ground Loop Geothermal Heating

The ground loops operate by utilizing the ground to provide heating or cooling energy to the building. In the winter, the pumps draw energy out of the ground to heat the building. In the summer, the process is reversed, with heat from the building being returned to the ground.

Where? On the Go in Mimico
Let's combine  Neighbourhood and Community,  Mimico, then add access to Rapid Transit at the Mimico Go Train Station with protected entry.... a 12 minute train ride to Union Station via the Go!

Then you have ... On the Go Mimico 
Floor plans, price list and Limited Time *Special Offers that are available here;

  • 3 years No Maintenance Fees
  • Free Parking Spot Included
  • Island included in Kitchen design....   

*Contact me for details and Current Price List.

416 233 9000 or direct at 647 218 2414

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