Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cash Back on Closings

Some are now offering Cash Back on closings if you buy with Me. How can I spin this for you?

I know you love this house; Let's take a serious look at the wiring, get the roof inspected, Search the History, Make sure there is a Survey, Confirm your Commitment to Finance on this specific property making sure you can accommodate all the conditions / requirements.

Evaluate How many times this home has been listed. Search the Sales History for how many Price reductions / renewals have been posted to mask Days on Market. Search for similar homes in the same neighbourhood to help you understand the values. Prepare and Present your offer.  Have Offer Accepted.   Select a Lawyer. Deliver Documents.

Order a Home Verified Report.... 

Cash back on closing? Where does that come from?   You signed a Buyers Agency to be represented.   What if the commission offered to selling broker is ONE DOLLAR? Signing a Buyer's Agency means that I keep your secrets, ability and capacity to myself.  The duration of that Buyers Agency is very location and Duration Specific.

I knew you'd love this house... Do you want to go back out and come inside again?


  1. THAT is an awesome table. I'm going to send this to my custom cabinetry guy, Lee Campbell.

  2. The table shows that the table may look simple when closed; but needs a lot of effort and pieces to work properly.