Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lead Gen will Get you page One Google Results

We are inundated with sales calls PUSHING the benefits of Lead Generation Sites. Guarantees of thousands of leads. Come hither! Some agents have abandoned their entire CONTENT MARKETING [you are the local expert] websites, blogging and videos for the promise of Leads. Yes, we all want leads.

Customers will look at your site if you have content. Google will find your site for your content. You will appear in the SERPs because of your content.

Web 1.0 was a business card online. Now it is interactive; Video embedded into a blog => directed to a landing page for your prospects to sign up or contact you. You promote your content on Social Media networks like Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  A LOUD AND EFFECTIVE CALL TO ACTION

Without content; you will not be seen or found. 

A lead gen page does not rank for any real estate terms; It is merely a landing pages. Do not substitute all the great things about you and your unique selling proposition and special local flare, with a landing page that describes very little and offers a sign in.


When you search yourself online (and prospects do) demonstrates your ability to market, be found and promote.  Use Google Alerts.

[yourname DOT com] needs to be fed and cultivated to bear fruit.  BLOG!  Create Video!  Post content about your community and then post links to that information on social media sites.  You will be rewarded.

Don't know how?    Find someone to TEACH you how to do it!   Then you will understand what you are hiring people to do for you.


  1. I am already using google adwords but no result as u said first page

    1. I used it for months and never received anything.