Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I can just sell it myself

I'd rather sell it myself...   

I often get the question. When I list my house why should I use a realtor? Why not just sell it myself? What would your answer be?

We could cut our kids hair...  My Dad used a bowl till I was 12,

I could paint my house, but I don't.... 
I could read a book and become a gourmet chef....  If I practised...
An amateur photographer can take pictures just as good as the Wedding Photographer...
I could represent myself in Traffic Court but I take a Court Agent.... Why? 

Because they are skilled and understand the process that has specific process and save me from dire consequences as a consumer. 

It not the actual doing ... It's the being prepared for what could happen and knowing what to do when it's necessary.

Drama belongs in the theatre  not in a real estate transaction. We get paid to be knowledgeable, remain calm and coach our clients in an orderly process avoiding Legal missteps and protect your financial net worth.

What do you say?

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