Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are you staring at your neighbour?

Do you believe "ITS" better on the other side?  Do you covet their house?  The Landscaping? Their Curb appeal? Are your kids watching their kids in the tree house? 

When you are looking for a condo; what is the criteria?   Display and presentation?  The ostentatious lobby and double foyer.   But the suites tend to be smallish and less with upgrades. Older is larger.   Maintenance is a concern.

Is it the front lawn and the landscaping.  A Buyer's First Impression that pleases the eyes? Once you are inside that perfect detached home, is their styling exactly as you wish your future home to be?

Before you start comparing features and benefits of homes lets take a moment and discuss  neighbourhoods, transit, schools, a house or worship and distance to your community.  

A wise gentlemen told me yesterday, "The Landscapers charge $2,500 per year to look after the grass trimming, spring and fall clean ups.  That seems expensive since they are in and out so fast. They are many and they have large machinery for the job.   This year we need to have the chimney relined and pointed.   The house is over 50 years old, although it looks great It does need some updating."  He's 88 and still spry.

Back at the condo; I thought about the concierge staff, security, garbage removal, outdoor terrace maintenance and endless BBQs without needing to worry about filling the tank.

Each style has its benefits, Sometimes it looks better over there...

Where would you like to be?

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