Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Private Sale - Etobicoke Real Estate

Pre- recession in the 90's the Big For Sale by Owner [FSBO] concept was Peartree.  Now we have Comfree and Property Guys. They give you a sign, some frames for your open house placards, some general instructions and you are on your own!  They post your ad on their website. Some add your listing to the MLS System.

The traffic and inquiries seem perfect?  But where are the offers?  Who helps the Buyers to move forward and create some urgency and focus?

Now what?   This video really gives a few life examples.

Yes, everyone would like everything to cost less. Etobicoke Real Estate is about knowing the community, giving context to all the available data, having insights about values and helping you decide the very best course of action for your family.

I am very prepared to negotiate for my commission, but remember, If I cannot negotiate my fee, how can I handle your equity?  The David Pylyp Group has 3 pricing structures to help you decide what level of service you need. You tell me.

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