Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is your business ready for a close up?

Let's work on crafting your message.

Not talk about how or why you are great.   Answer the viewers needs with a library of responses.

Propose a solution to their problem that your business or product provides.

Imagine …. An interview or crafted a message regarding your law firm, real estate business, restaurant, small business or entrepreneurial flair. Describe your unique niche and invite new people to engage with you. Clients that are local and close to your Toronto business.

We can create that Video SHORT presentation about your unique business; Creating all the stock and profile footage using available lighting in your offices, foyer and place of business.

You can control and OWN your own content. We create a YouTube Channel for you, and UPLOAD the finished Video, adding a Title Page with your contact details. You can also upload this video to additional hosts for greater exposure. Others like Yellow Pages and Gold Book retain ownership of your video.

The transcript of the Video dialogue can be prepared in a suitable format to be upload to Youtube as the Closed Captioning Track (CC) Transcribed Audio can be used for Blog post and Closed Caption upload.
Completed Video content can be delivered on a CD or Thumb ZIP drive according to your instructions so that you can LOAD to other advertising opportunities. Hosting of your video can be branded within a plain frame only (No Youtube ads or recommended video up next) for a small monthly hosting fee.
Additional Issues addressed;
  • Create Google Account
  • Create Blogger Account
  • Post to your blog the Video embed with Narrative as Blog Post.
  • Hyperlink back to your sites add email.
  • Create Keyword scenario for Google Search
Equipment; Shot with a digital DSLR; Glide Track Technology available if requested. (cut away in conversation and insert FIRM name or background shots) Soft costs are controlled by keeping the costs down vs renting all the lights grips and platforms to provide Low budget, Low risk to enter this video presentation field that has been previously out of the reach of small business. Youtube provides instant local audience.

Modest Investment for Video profile starting at $1,495 plus HST*
Call David Pylyp for details 647 218 2414
* additional costs may apply for editing and slide creation or graphics.

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