Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Get the word out with Video

You want more people to see your business and last years Yellow Pages is holding up the air conditioner. Lets get some views on your youtube channel. You want fresh eyes!

In the description field for the video ADD a, a URL shortener that will provide a link directly back to your intended landing page.

Use keywords to describe the nature of the video and the primary function of your business. Remember to include your location. Toronto, Ontario Canada

Closed Captioning for Hearing Impaired CC At your youtube account; click the chevron on your name (DROP DOWN MENU) Select Video Manager, then select the video that we will work with by clicking on Edit Video Button. You can now edit anything we need in the Title, ( to better assist with keywords) description or Keyword fields. NOTE we are moving to the Caption Button Field that appears on the TOP row.

Having selected the Captions button a new window will appear with Available Captions or Tracks. Select the + Button to add a Track. New window appears. Select a File to upload. This will be a plain Text file .TXT extension that you have saved in notepad. *This should be an accurate transcribed file of the dialogue. Press upload and you are done.

Remember to turn on the closed caption option in the Footer of the Video frame.

Create your own topical Playlists Touch your name in the top right corner and the drop down menu appears Select Video Manager; on the LH side there is a button to create a playlist however you would like to arrange. +NEW. Either by topic, date, views your choice. Touch the Create NEW and provide a Name and description. Now when you display each video in the view format

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