Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Whisper Listings Listings for Luxury Homes

Recently a Hollywood movie star sold her house in a whisper listing.  Yes, You can have a look now at Jennifer 's House   but Toronto has more millionaires per capita than any other city in North America.

So What is a POCKET LISTING?  Simply put, I protect your privacy.

It is a Listing that at this time the Seller has no intention of placing on the open MLS.

These are listings that I sometimes have that are in better closed neighbourhoods.  This may be because of school district or simply pricing. [or the owner's privacy]

We have met at an open house and  a specific buyer that wants this particular subdivision.  There are very few or none available.  I will write and canvas the individual homes for pocket listings.

Notes and Direct Mail; Receiving a few replies will lead to previews of specific properties, that will agree to showing their home discreetly.

These one party signed exclusive [pocket] listing agreements, may prove suitable or may not.  They nevertheless become available inventory to my clients.

What are the advantages?
Some want privacy...
Some do not want the open MLS knowing they are for sale
No people [shoppers] through the property that are unqualified to make the purchase.

Are you ready to be previewed for Whisper Listings?

Call Now....  If its busy call back

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