Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Dirty Dozen Reasons you still need me

The Newspapers and media are telling you, how things have changed, you can do everything by yourself and all the information is there...  on the internet


  1. I know where to look up what I need; If I don't know from experience.
  2. I provide a needed buffer or filter between other agents and builder's agents for puffery and embellishment. I am your wingman.
  3. Realtors have specific neighbourhood knowledge. I don't serve the entire GTA from Oshawa to Milton, nor would I dream of going with you to Peterborough. I work a radius of a half hour from 427 and the QEW.
  4. Since, I work a smaller area, I generally have seen and know what has sold and for how much as a barometer of value.
  5. This permits me to evaluate asking to sale prices based on improvements and square footage. Similarly, even Condominiums next door to each other can have vastly different values.
  6. While I recommend an asking price and disclose my expectations of what a seller should expect on a final offer, the Seller decides their own asking price, as the Buyer TRIES their First Lowball Offer  I do not factor in memories and experiences.
  7. We need to understand what market conditions exist that govern your asking prices and time for sale. Are we in a Buyer's or Seller's Market?
  8. We are able to present or receive your offer without emotion; in a business like fashion. Too often, Buyers and Sellers are too emotionally vested in the unique improvements that they installed in the house. We will negotiate on your behalf.
  9. The paper work required to protect you and disclose information to Buyers is getting longer and disclosure is required. We complete all the paperwork, even attending at inspections and the final closing with you.
  10. We have working relationships with other service providers, inspectors, appraisers, accountants, lenders, lawyers, trades people for repairs and agents to find listings.
  11. When Purchasing a Home Verified Reports are available for knowledge of previous Insurance Claims (IE flooding) 
  12. When Selling a Home I can provide Transaction Insurance to guarantee a smooth closing without delay.

Realtors are freeing up the equity that has been locked in properties very often, for 20 or 30 years. While technology has changed our communication methods from mail, to phone, to fax, to email; the underlying function and responsibilities remain the same. Presentations are done iPad or Powerpoint but we need to listen to your needs, Identify the challenges you face and propose solutions.  If I can do that in your presence, face to face, or if need be on the phone, voice to voice,  then I have done my job well.

Or you can email or text me at 647.218.2414

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  1. Jack Girvan CDPE
    Realtor, RE/MAX Landmark Realtors

    With more technology and more information the need for advice of Realtors has never been greater. We are the calming, knowledgable voice in making for a smooth sale especially today with so many deals not being able to be finalized due to inspections, legal financial issues etc. Technology improves how we communicate with each other in helping clients with their home buying and home selling but the abundance of information has caused the public to become paralyzed with that information. Our strength comes in being able to decipher what truly is important, eliminate the noise and help our clients make good informed intelligent decisions.