Monday, September 16, 2013

Changing Your Tire = For Sale By Owner

Following the weekend festivities at the Roncesvalles Village Festival we headed home in a soft rain. It was cool and drizzling like an October evening feels. 

The SUV had been parked all day,  It was dark so I didn't notice the flat tire. The low pressure warning had been on for a few days. I ignored it. The vehicle felt funny, awkward, not rolling the same.  I stepped out and walked around. Circle Check...  FLAT.

Found a PetroCanada near the condo, PAID a dollar for the free air and tried to pump it up. The sound was as loud going in as going out.  There was real serious leak. I drove it back to the Condo to have a look in a dry well lit garage.  At least, it would be warm and dry, where I could simply change the tire.

The wheel well contains a tire that needs to be dropped.  OK, Snapped the plastic handle off. (damage item 5) Unscrewed the retaining bolt and the whole well dropped. Thank goodness the tire had a safety belt attached or it could have slipped out.  [I never would have comprehended the storage safety strap in the dark, in the rain.]

Removing the jack from the German Engineered Highly efficient storage area took 20 minutes. It will never go back. Found the secret LOCKING NUT in its resting place. Loosened the wheel lugs prior to jacking up the car, correct procedure, removed scissor jack. Found the correct contact point for scissor jack while sliding under the vehicle. (refer to rain and street comment in para 1)

Removed all the lug nuts and but could not remove the wheel from the car. [Frozen} Playing with it. Kicking it and finally using the 5 pound persuader (sign install) hammer, I successfully shifted the car off the jack, rendering it twisted and inoperative. (damage)

Abandoned the task, REINSTALLED lug nuts on the flat tire, drove to service shop in the morning on a flat, guaranteeing that it would require replacement.

Tire  $ 225
Jack maybe used at $75
unreplaced damage $ 400
Repair $50

Life Lesson?  Priceless.

If I could not finish this job inside a condominium garage; in a well lit and dry area, Parked in a secure safe location, with access to flashlight to read the manual study the components, assemble the pieces, remove the lugnuts with a tire wrench, I would never accomplish this task in the dark in the rain.

Selling a condo is easy,  they are all the same...   We understand the process clearly.
Sound familiar?  You know all the details about your building, Status Certificates, Maintenance Fees and Management. You know the property best.

Reading, Understanding and comprehension is good.  Experience, doing is better. Having right tools and knowledge..   Priceless.

I paid to repair and replace the tire.  Mistakes and choices with real estate are much more expensive to fix. Usually it involves lawyers.   If you think mechanics are expensive... Selling by Owner is more exciting! 

If you are relocating to  or within Toronto, ON Canada, I would like to meet with you.
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