Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mr Christie's Go Train Stop - Park Lawn and Lake shore

Why can't we have a MR Christie's Go Station PLUS the Mimico?  They serve two distinct and growing communities.

Mimico is established and HUmber Bay Shore is nearing 12,000 condo units immediately at Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Blvd., West.

“Fundamentally the issue is because the Mr. Christie’s bakery owned by Mondelez is going to close, which creates the opportunity to acquire land for a new GO station at Parklawn.” 
Milczyn said the point of his original motion was to get Metrolinx, which is carrying out $44 million in renovations to the Mimico GO station, to provide feedback to the city on relocation. But according to the report presented at committee, the transit planning agency, which recently announced extended service for the entire Lakeshore GO Train line, didn’t respond to the city’s requests for consultation. 
“The key issue is engaging Metrolinx in a discussion on the potential opportunities to improve access to GO service routes for south Etobicoke,” he said. 
Spokesperson Vanessa Thomas said Metrolinx has had frequent conversations with city staff on the Mimico station renovations which includes constructing a pedestrian tunnel and expanding the north passenger platform to accommodate 12-car trains. 
“Currently, we have no plans to build a GO Station at the Parklawn location. Currently, we are working on upgrading Mimico Station,” 

The Mimico community is bountiful and thriving with Bake Shops, Grocers, Cafe and Restaurants.   Why relocate the station?   Better to create an additional station at Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore to serve a completely different community; being Humber Bay Shore.

What do you think?

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