Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cliff Dwellering - In the Digital Age

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The hydro power (electricity) has been out for 10's of thousand of Torontonians for the last two days, going on 3 days a results of a large storm cell that brought rain and world wide attention to our plight on CNN.

The reliance of city living and the simplest things that we take for granted;

  • Elevators and underground parking
  • Diesel Power generators for backup power systems
  • The coffee machine
  • The electric razor
  • The Hot Shower in the morning before work
  • Charging your phone and ipad
  • Your TV in the evening
  • Food in your fridge and cooking
  • The internet connection
  • Laundry

A young mother lamented this morning in the elevator; "It's not just the food we're throwing away or the sleepless nights with the heat,  Our daycare center for our daughter is also without hydro and closed.  We just don't know what to do."

We could listen to the radio for Hydro One updates of rolling black outs in Etobicoke, but my radio plugs in and I'm busy cleaning out everything from my fridge today.

If someone had asked just a few weeks ago what the greatest achievement for our society was, I might have answered the ISS International Space station; Google glasses that placed a computer in your glasses, a medical marvel or mechanical heart.
Today, I say that single step in mankind was harnessing and generating electricity.

Toronto had deferred for too long the required improvements in infrastructure that prevent us from truly being considered a World Class City.

When we go looking at houses we need to request their insurance report for the drains backing up and flooding their basements in this rain storm #FloodTo 2013.   You will see its in the thousands.

Want to go looking at houses or condos?

Let's wait till the power is back on  ok ?

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