Saturday, March 9, 2013

Storage Lockers are in Toronto Too!

We have a thriving Storage Locker Business in Toronto. Our Family will squirrel away items that could be used later, then We watch them find long lost and abandoned family heirlooms and items of value.  Our sense of curiosity peaked by the search through someone else's life.  But its happening every day...

Yet It could so quickly become our parents who put things in storage to make space in their home and all is forgotten for the sake of a few index cards and organization.

Many people have off-site storage lockers Where they SAVE items that no longer have purpose. What may have started as a short term solution for their storage needs, but has become a long term issue.

The cost of paying for a locker can ADD up to thousands per year. Unless an index of all the items was made when the locker was filled, most people don't even remember what is in the locker. 

In the end a storage locker becomes a very expensive garbage can to be cleaned out later

Lets deal with it Now 

Liz Manore   905 467 2400.

Staging and Organizing your Toronto Home and preparing to sell?

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  1. This is great. I have been looking for storage lockers in Toronto. Where do they have them? I would like to get one.