Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Visit your family home - for ever

The home buying and selling experience can be an emotional one. Family and friends play a valuable role in this experience, providing input and support. The ability to revisit a home after the process is complete can provide a value for years to come. David Pylyp knows this first-hand and has come up with an idea he uses which is likely to catch on.

Sentimental about selling her parents’ family home, something understandably dragged their feet on, Pylyp took a Matterport Virtual Tour of the home before handing it over to movers, still with all the family knickknacks and pictures in place. He and the family, anyone he cares to share with can now revisit their home any time they like.

Virtual OPEN HOUSE before any changes are made. Instant inventory of contents. 

You could effectively go back and see the intact property with all the Growth Lines on the door frame in the kitchen; that marked each birthday...  The Knick Knacks on the window sill with the checkered blinds would still be there.

We can do this for you, soon.   Book Now!


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