Thursday, January 29, 2015

What will happen in Toronto Real Estate 2015?

We are bullish and optimistic for the real estate market in 2015 because people consider Toronto ON a destination and an employer.


We have first class universities; unmatched health care (PAID FOR) New start up companies are venturing north for technology (WESTERN University and Google in Guelph Kitchener)  Film Industry is strong here!   Our real estate values and Banking Systems are secure and confidant.


As more people arrive in the Toronto GTA Vacancy becomes an issue. Toronto is currently at 1.8% that are vacant even with 20,000 plus units added annually.

The affordability of Condo units as a purchase allows many to move forward to own their own space in Toronto.

Institutional Builders  IE Greenpark, Cadillac Fairview, are not building apartment buildings to add to the rental pool.   The City of Toronto and the Municipal Housing Authority have no budget to repair their existing housing stock. Nevermind building rental inventory.  Two buildings ( Urban Corp ) just converted their projects to rental stock.

All of the slides contained in this presentation are available to you for use.  They are from the Fourth Quarter update and Forecast by Canada Mortgage and Housing.  

Would you like to talk about any of the material here?

The acute shortage of detached homes with the 416 will continue as demand heightens this spring.  Townhouses and semi will share the same enthusiasm

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