Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GAZUMPING and Pocket Listings

So here we go.... 2014. I learned a great Lesson this year from Leo Bruneau  from Coquitlam BC. We talked at the RE/MAX Kickstart in Toronto just last week. 

GAZUMPING is where you have a real estate agent (REALTOR®) who has verbally agreed to your offer; but when you arrive, show up with all the paperwork signed they took more money from someone else. This is happening!  GAZUMPING

The other thing that's going to happen this year, in West Toronto detached homes sales,
is pocket listings. 

Pocket listings are where a Real Estate Agent takes that listing, keeps it off the MLS for those extra few days or a week, provides it only to his sign calls or to the client database 
that he already has.

This does a big dis-service to the sellers of that property because [they] may have had more money had the home been exposed to the real estate market for a reasonable length of time, to find BUYERS, looking in that pocket but under contract with other brokerages.

You cannot work for the best interest of the seller if you are in your own way.

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