Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Happened to Pickin' Chicken? Living in Mimico

Do you remember driving past the Picken Chicken Restaurant on the south side of Lake shore in Mimico?    Do you recall the dinners?   Or the Parking Lot?   What ever happened to that place?  Its right at the bend that divides Humber Bay Shore and the thousands of Condominium units that now comprise Humber Bay Shore.  

This happened;  waterfront development, new marina and access to the waterfront via Norris Ave (The Birds and The Beans) and what we hope will be access for thousands of people to wander the Martin Goodman Trail.
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Mimico Waterfront;  That is Humber Bay Shore

Mimico Waterfront Park was officially open June 07th, 2013 with an addition of 1.1 kilometers of continuous park and walking trail that joined the Norris Crescent Parkette and Humber Bay Park West.  (west side of the Humber River and on the North bank opposite the Mimico and Etobicoke Yacht clubs)

The Phase 2 extension added 500 metres of waterfront trail, three sections of cantilevered pedestrian boardwalk and a separate multi use trail located along the backshore that provides cycling, inline skating adjacent to the boardwalk, small pockets of wetland habitat, landscaping and park lighting.

Total Budget was $18.2 Million shared between $6.5 Million City of Toronto, $6.2 Million by the Province of Ontario and $5.5 Million by the Government of Canada.

The Mimico BIA @MimicoByTheLake has been actively working to promote this neighbourhood and community to those living in the Humber Bay Shore Condo concentration that is a mere few blocks away.   There has been a revival of late with restaurants and bistro, streetfront patios that welcome your walkin traffic.

Its the community that makes you love living in Mimico.

If you would like some details  send me an email or check out a few buildings

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